The "Well I Guess" Game



Hey there! This is the "Well I Guess" game! Here you can tag people if they are on the forum. But there is a twist, you just do one for the person above your reply. Some rules are,

No being mean
Nothing about religion
Have fun!

He is an ex.
Person 1: Well I guess @CreationsOfaNoob isn't a noob.
Person 2: Well I guess Person 1 is the first person

Have fun!


Well, I guess Fun_In_The_Sun is on the forum!


Well, I guess @Tankt2016 changes the last part of their to the year.


Well, I guess @Fun_in_the_Sun knew that! XD


Well I guess fun in the sun has fun in the sun.... @Fun_in_the_Sun

i don't think I'm doing this right​:joy::joy::joy:


Well I guess MagmaPOP is enjoying the new update (look at how many projects s/he's published since then!)


Well I guess @SmileyAlyssa is making something big!


Well I guess @Fun_in_the_sun either has the power to read my mind or they hacked me :sweat_smile:


Well I guess @SmileyAlyssa
is an awesome hopscotcher!


Well I guess this is an awesome topic :smiley:


Well I guess @EmmabugOnTheForum was waiting for a reply


Well I guess that that was off topic and in need of a flag


Well I Guess people are just going to annoying me in this topic


Well I guess that my two BFFs @percyjackson9 and @ihasfluffycupcakes should not fight.


Well I guess if @PercyJackson9 replies I'll try not to start a fight


Well I guess we should not fight at all because I don't wanna lose any friends and the rules are not to be mean (no offense)


Well I guess @ihasfluffycupcakes is gonna get on trending again because of her awesome projects!


Remember you're supposed to say about the person above you.


Well I guess @creativecoder is gonna take out the rule book
The heavy one


Well I guess @friendship2468 likes friends and friendships! (Hence the name)