The way to get smaller creators with talent big

lol this is an entire novel good luck reading it I’m sorry lol

Look, I think it’s clear at this point that Hopscotch is a place where big creators get bigger and smaller ones stay small and it’s pretty hard to get yourself out there when you have talent. Obviously we currently have the excellent tab but that’s not enough I think. So here’s my idea to somewhat fix this problem:

Before the big idea, we need to talk about tags.
We need to be able to create and use tags freely, and maybe like have a limit of 3 tags. Tags wouldn’t put your project in any tabs, and they wouldn’t be visible until you tapped on a project’s page

Yes that’s another thing we need, project pages, but that’s been suggested before so I’m not here to say that that is a completely new idea I had, I just want to say they would be cool

Anyways, back on topic. You would be able to make as many tags as you want, it’s not like 2016 tags where there were like 5 very generic tags. So you can start writing your tags, and there would be a thing, like on the forum when you want to tag someone, that suggests the most popular tags that start the same way that you started your tag typing.

Ok so now that I’ve explained tags,
A For You Page

There are two possible ways this could work:

  1. THT creates a For You Tab along with an algorithm that puts projects that it thinks you will like in [the tab]. Ok so now we have a tab with an algorithm but how would the algorithm work? It would take a look at the projects you liked in the past two months, and looks at the [active] creators you are following, and sees which tags [explained above if you haven’t read the whole thing] you seem to like the most.

    Obviously since some tags will be largely more popular than others (like probably the tag “Art” would be used a lot more than the tag “3D engine”) THT would have to give a certain value to each tag so like if you follow creators who make mostly pixel art (which isn’t as common as for example games), the pixel art tag will mean a lot more than than the games tag because pixel arts are rarer and so following a pixel art creator means a lot more to the algorithm than following a game makers. Because if we did this normally, you would get like 1 pixel art in 1000 projects in you for you tab and maybe like 200 games in your for you tab. But since we’re adding value to each tag, it would make this somewhat more balanced so if you follow 2 pixel art creators, the algorithm will suggest pixel arts as much as if you followed maybe 20 game creators. Idk lol those numbers are random but maybe THT could find a way to calculate the value per tag, maybe based on how common it is to appear per 1000 projects?

    Then the algorithm could find a smaller creator’s project that has some tags you seem to like and put it in your for you page. But I mean obviously it wouldn’t only recommend small creator’s projects, it would recommend everyone’s projects, just maybe share it equally between small and big creators

    Then it could calculate the rate of different people that played to the amount of likes it has, and find out if people generally like it. If most people like it, the project is more likely to be recommended to more people. Would this favour big creators who have big fanbases? Kind of but not entirely. I think that if we base it on just number of likes, obviously big creators would get recommended a lot more but we’re talking about a Like to different plays here so I think that it wouldn’t favour bigger creators that much.

So we’ve gotten that out of the way, but I said previously

There are two possible ways this could work

So I’m also going to explain the second one

  1. Again with the for you tab, except that this one, you select tags that you follow. In a settings page (Yes we also need that but that’s not what I’m here to talk about) you could select which tags you want to follow. HS shows you a list of all tags in order of popularity (either popularity of followers or commonness), and you could select which tags you want to see in your for you tab. Now, yes this would be a lot easier for THT to do, but I don’t think this one would be as good as the other ones because:

    1. Popular tags would only get more followers and less popular ones would get forgotten, like 3D engine. I can guarantee if there were tags, since not many people make stuff in that tag, it would be very very low on the list of tags. Therefore it wouldn’t get as many people following this tag even though if people knew about it, probably most of HS would be following that tag.

    2. Some types of creations would get forgotten. People would see that when you make a 3D engine, or a pixel art, since those would be low on the list of use, it doesn’t get recommended to as many people, and so to stay relevant, they would make other types of projects, and slowly but surely, pixel arts and 3D engines would go basically extinct.

    3. People would lie about the tags of their projects, like for example, someone made a moving trail art, since not many people would follow that tag they would lie about the tag and put maybe smith like “Game” or “Art” or “Announcement”. Idk, this isn’t for sure, but I’ve been in the world for 13 and a half years, I think I know what the general majority would do.

Ok so those are the two ways a For You tab could work. Now that would help a lot I think. I think we would finally start seeing small creators get as many followers as they deserve.

Then I also have another idea, maybe not as helpful specifically to small Hopscotchers but just to everyone.

(For this next part, imagine you followed some guy called CoolGuy26)

A “You might like” page
Does it sound like exactly the same thing as before just from the title? Yes, yes it does. And in some way it’s similar but still different. Basically it takes a list of people you follow, and it does smth like “People that follow CoolGuy26 also follow […]” It would do the list of all the other creators that people that follow CoolGuy26 also follow. It would sort it by the most common person to follow is, then it would take out everyone that you already follow, then it would only keep like the top 25 of the list. It would do that for everyone you follow, and then sort by people who have the most appearances on the list.

Now this would mostly be beneficial to big creators I think but I think that it would also be nice for everyone because it allows you to discover new creators that might have projects that you like that you might have never found before.

Now on the point of this being only beneficial to big creators, yes, that’s very true, so I don’t think this idea could be a separate thing without the For You Page. Without the for you page, only the biggest creators would ever get new followers, but with the For You page, since even small creators are getting good follower amounts, this could work out.

Now back on the For You page, I think this might make communities stronger than before which is a good thing and a bad thing bc people would know each other better but HS would get divided. So I think we don’t want that. So I think that the For You page could also occasionally suggest some random tags taken randomly, and see if you like them.

Ok that’s my idea… idk if this would work, but I think it would be beneficial for both creators (Who get better following bases based on their project quality, not based on pre-existing follower bases and on forum presence) and players (who will find cool project they would have never seen)

It’s kind of risky I guess but I think overall it would be a good thing
idk, I’m sure y’all will let me know if this is a good idea down in the replies.

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Okay, pretty clever and good idea! I can see some people benefit from this. There’s like, a LOT of good projects that get overshadowed by big creators.


Like the yt algorithm too




Interesting ideas for sure! As long as it could be made sure that tags aren’t inappropriate and so on, I think you have a great idea! But one thing to remember is that THT are very protective on your data - that might be why they haven’t implemented an algorithm to determinate what you might like.


yay thank you i like this


can you elaborate?

I agree with Will’s post, obviously no inappropriate tags and such, but I like the idea


Wow, awesome idea!


Amazing idea !

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I didn’t read the entire thing but one way to get small creators big is by nominating their project, and if the project is good, it might get curated.


I have always thought that smaller coders deserve more attention, and this might actually work. However, I would prefer that this gets implemented using the first method you came up with. A ‘you might like’ tab also seems like a clever way to get more hops discovered, maybe even more so than the ‘for you’ tab.

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