The Way I can do Collabs!



I would LOVE to be in collabs! But, I haven't been able to because every time a log out than back in, I have to redownload all my drafts. There normally wouldn't be a problem with this, but a lot of the time I don't have wifi, so I can't play on them! And I always forget to download that one important one. So, if you want to do collabs with me, I'm going to try to do what @Follow4LikesOfficial did with me. You can give me the link, and I will work on it. Then I will publish it, give the link, then I will unpublish it! This process might be a little confusing, but I am going to try it! I have wanted to be in collabs for a while now, so I'm just going to try this out!


Cool! Want to help me with my "make your own OC?" Game?


Okay, want to work on a virtual pet game?


Cool! So, want to collab? (I dunno what to make though.. :fearful:)
[My replies aren't working! So I need to @SmileyAlyssa....]


I like that idea!! I'm having so,etrouble also, I lost one of my best games I've ever thought of!