The Wall Between Us- A Snoopy Story


Hello, there, folks... I've recently participated in a writing competition, and I really liked the plot, so I'm writing more! Please don't post anything unless its really important. All fandoms of any of these characters will not be Snoopy's fault. So... Here I Go! I'll edit it daily, so all of you guys can read it!
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Username: Snoopy (:art:)
Date: 12/31/2015
Genre: Sci-Fi/Romance
Title: The Wall Between Us
The light from outside pours in the window, and I'm instantly captivated by the nature and beauty of the outside. I'm stricken by all the leafy green plants and lush vegetation, until I sense danger. Peering outside, I notice something terribly wrong. The water from the river was rushing upstream. what?! I tie up my hair quickly, and lace up my black boots.
"Jack!" I call. The forest is deadly silent.
"Jack?!" I call again. Suddenly, the ground starts shaking. Cracks begin to form on the surface, and the cabin collapses. I find myself sprinting wildly, letting my arm rip against the vines that I'm thrashing against. When I slow down, I begin to feel the pain. Moaning, I sit down, and try to remember that this is a simulation. Deep Breaths. Deep Breaths I fill up with air, and exhale, when I hear a piercing scream.
Jack?! I stand up, but I instantly feel dizzy.
"REBECCA!" I hear. This can't be happening. Jack is in danger. Jack is in danger.
Jack is in-----

The world slows down, and I find myself where I started, in the white room. I just escaped this room. Why am I here? Then, Jack appears.
"Rebecca, help me!" he moans. He's clutching his arm, which is torn badly. I check my own arm for the cut from the vines, but my skin is good as new. Trying to move, I squirm and squirm until the force holding me behind releases me. I'm pushed onto the ground, and Jack is still on the floor. I sit up, and look at Jack straight in the eye.
"Jack, can you hear me?" I say. He doesn't move. His eyes are glossy, and his lips are frozen.
"Jack, I said can you hear me?!" I repeat, shaking his frozen body. Then I remember this is a simulation. I try to calm down, but my heart is breaking me apart.
"Oh, Jack." I wail. His blonde messy hair is like a wet mop, and his blue eyes keep on looking forward. I have to get out, I have to. I start to scream, spinning around dizzily in the room. Then, I pounce onto the floor, roaring like a mad tiger. I'm going insane. They have to let me out from this room eventually.

"That's enough, Rebecca," I hear. I look up. Good, I'm back in the office. Jack is waiting for me outside, and he embraces me in his arms. I'm cozy for a few seconds, but then the Doctor wants me back inside.
"Rebecca, do you know what you have done?" the doctor asks.
"No, but I know what you've done. You tortured me!" I snap. The doctor looks thoughtful for a second, but returns to me.
"You have just humiliated me. Disgusted the whole office." he scolds. "You were freaking us out. You have severe issues, Rebecca Watson." I ignore his scolding, and I catch Jack flashing me a smile from outside.
"Go. Shoo, you disgusting child." the doctor says bitterly, fists clenched. I leave the office, and Jack grins.
"Was I in your simulation?" he asks playfully.
"Maybe," I say.
"Okay. I'm next." he says. "Try not to freak out when I start crawling around the floor like a madman." I laugh, and intertwine my fingers with his. Then I give him a final kiss as he enters the office.

I stand outside, and pull out my iPad. Coding helps me pass my time. The Hopscotch icon waits for me, as I plunk into a chair. Jack's Hopscotch account was amazing. He published all sorts of projects, and I played them all. One time, he helped me with one of my projects, and it got featured. I tap on his profile and scroll through his latest games. Wow, great art, I think, scrolling past a 3D watermelon. The screen showing the simulation starts, and I sit back, and watch Jack.

The simulation starts, and the screen shows Jack in a forest. There's no cabin, like my simulation, but his eyes show fear.
"Hello?" he says slowly. He paces around a bit, and seems bored.
"Hello?!" he shouts. Howling responds. Jack whirls around abruptly, only to come face to face with me. Me?! What was I doing in his simulation?!
"Rebecca?" he says. On the screen, I watch him pull me in for a hug, but I don't move. Jack's facial expression turns from happy to a frown. All of a sudden, I start to howl. Jack looks confused, and I start to close in on him.
Talons grow from my nails, and hair starts to emerge from all over my body.
Okay, I'm a wolf?! What the heck, Jack?! I looked like a wolf straight out from the Twilight Saga. Sweat drips down from Jack's face, which turns paler and paler. His hands brush away my hair on the screen, but I lunge for him, and try to chomp off his hand. A sword is in his belt, and he could use it to kill me. But would he? As the wolf, or me, tries to chase him around, his hands try to reach for the sword, but his heart won't let him. Wow, Jack.
"Rebecca!" he screams on the screen. "Remember, I love you!" His hands grab the sword, and I'm stunned for a second, and he reaches out the sword, and stabs himself in the chest. Before all the blood gushes out, the screen turns to a different channel. Jack's chest appears fine, but he's in a room. It's a white room, similar to mine, but something seems different.
There is no floor. Jack will fall. And die.
"No!" Jack shouts, trying to hold on onto the walls. Its no use. The screen shows Jack falling through the black hole of nothingness, and it seems to take forever. Images of scary scenes appear, blinding him. His screams echo around the nothingness and finally, there seems to be an end. Jack's nails scrape against the wall, producing an awful screech.
I try to cover my ears, and the Doctor turns down the volume on the screen. Jack manages to steady his heavy breathing, and then he steps on the floor, which is solid. I hear a conversation in the office. The Doctor decides to let Jack out.
"Spectacular," The Doctor says. Jack shakes the Doctor's hand firmly, but the Doctor holds on.
"I've never seen anything like that," the Doctor says. "You managed to stay calm, even though the floor might collapse at any moment."
Oh, Jack. How'd he do that? He'd probably explain later.
He does. He carries me to a field of fresh grass, with dandelions and butterflies. We lay out a checkered blanket, and we plop down, munching on sandwiches.
"So, what'd you think about my simulation?" he asks.
"Well, the first one was freaky, and the second one was okay." I fluster out. "How did you stay calm?" His eyes narrow. I knew he was going to say something wise now, so I straightened up and tried to listen.
"Fear is like a cobra," he starts. "It wrangles and twists us, like a cobra, until it squeezes things out of us, makes us do things crazy, and one can only kill the cobra if he changes his actions." He gets up, and picks me up with him. We spin around for a while, but we get dizzy, and sit down again. I put my head on his lap, and while I peel some grass, he talks more about Hopscotch.
"So," he says. "Do you want to make another program?"
"Sure," I say. He takes out his grey iPad from his bag, and sets it down in front of me. His fingers tap the Hopscotch app, and I'm captivated by his newest projects.
"Hey, did you switch your username?" I ask.
"Yep," he says. "Do you like it?" My eyes search for his username, and it says, 'Jack Rhoades.'
"Hey! You didn't switch it!" I say. "Wait, all you did was get rid of the space." He nods, and he clicks the 'Log Out' button. He logs into my account, 'Rebecca Watson,' and his arm wraps around my waist. He tucks my head into his newly cleaned shirt, and I feel his heartbeat.
"Let's make a heartbeat song!" I say. It was a horrible idea, just like my music, which sounded awful.
"Um, okay..." he says. He clicks on the 'create' button, and then 'blank project.'
"Do you just want me to drag out a bunch of heartbeats?" I ask. He shrugs, and starts dragging out random blocks, adding a heartbeat in the middle. Then a bunch of repeat blocks and values, and the whole thing is confusing.
"Do you have any idea what you're doing?" I ask.


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