The VFA (Veggies For Animals)



you’re vegetarian? O-o


The most common being “I COULDNT LIVE WITHOUT MEAT!!!11!!!111!1!11” while they turn their nose up at u like they’re superior beings because they eat meat
And like im happy to help u open ur tuna can but pls!! Don’t!! Wave it!! In my face!!

Besides vegetarian, im intolerant to gluten, dairy, and i cant eat oranges, peanuts or pistachios


Yup! I have been for like 8 years :P


I am Vegetarian sort of…like I eat 2/3 meals a day vegetarian


Most people do. So you would be a (there is a word for this) flexitarian!


I am a pescatarian. If nobody knows what that is it is a vegetarian that eats seafood. Any flexitarians out there?


Same as you!
We rule oh yah seafood rocks, but I don’t eat it much…


My aunt’s a pescatarian. And I don’t think there are any flexitarians here.


I feel sad for all the cane beetles that were poisoned and burnt to deth so sugarcane can be used to make sugar for vegetarians to sprinkle over their breakfast and for the soft drinks/soda pop they drink as well as for making Ethanol to fuel their cars.


Serves them right for destroying nearly every crop


I’m sorry… but um. I one of those people…


Beetles aren’t humans
Oh maybe they are :no_mouth: