The VFA (Veggies For Animals)



Try a website then. Or just actually learn Latin properly. It’s just cases and vocab


i tried websites

and yeah but i h a v e n o time
jk i have plenty but i dont feel like doing it because procrastination




no not again




bru what is she wearin


An old dress. Arthur offered her a new one. She wasn’t pleased.



bruh if u think about it arent we killing plants too and artificially modifying them aswell


Yes we are. It’s totally inplantane.


So? Humans aren’t going to let such an important food source go extinct, that’s fine.


I’m a meat lover. Your then asking why I am posting here. I’m just telling @WynterDiamond about this topic. She’s vegan


There were 7 billion people in the world. We’re over killing.


Yes, but seven billion would require more than 9.whatever billion animals, but some don’t eat meat, don’t eat as much meat etc.


omigosh, i just found this topic. who else hates it when people make comments like,
“don’t you miss bacon??”
(when i was vegetarian in 3rd grade, there was this kid who would dance around me screaming “BACON!! BACON!!! B A C O N!”
“i tried being vegetarian, but i like meat too much”
“i’m vegetarian!! since lunch.”
“but how do you get protein? it’s unhealthy that you don’t get any protein.”
“oh, i’m vegetarian but i still sometimes eat meat and i don’t care about gelatin and stuff”
“ d o n t c a r e “ ^
yeah, do any of you guys get this?


im vegetarian, and my favorite animal is a pog, so there was this abnoying mid who used ti say,
Luckily, he moved.


Yes they would require more than 9.1 billion animals, but THAT IS NOT INCLUDING FISH! (Wot?)


970-1200 BILLION fish are killed a year!




I’m pretty sure fishes are animals.


I hate it when people say this to me :P