The Values Bug? ):



So, when I make a project where you set values to random # to #, the values sometimes set to a number one higher than the max # for that set value block. Is this happening to anyone else? Just wanted to let you know... ):


hmm, strange, I assume you've already tried this, but make a variable called "variable bugfix" and instead of the last pick random, use the number -"variable bugfix" so you would use
pick random (1) to (X-(variable bugfix))

note: this is so the project will work while the glitch happens on your iPad, when you're testing, make a separate Sprite and have it set (variable bugfix) to 1, but before you publish, delete the Sprite

did this help? (other note: Sprite is another word for character)


That is strange. It is not happening to me. I suggest emailing THT


Yeah, but that does not work... It acts as if the bug is gone, and just makes it so that I only have 'random # to a # one less than put in' ): Thanks for tryin' to help though! (:blush:


well if this automatically fixes it, replace
set (variable bugfix) to 1


set (variable bugfix) to 0

then the bug will be fixed and it won't change the block itself! :grinning:


it doesn't happen to


:confused: I got nothin else then