The User Above Me



This was inspired by @Anonymous's The User Below Me! The rules are listed below.

Da wonderful Rules!

  1. Stay on topic, please!
  2. Follow the rules
  3. I will be watching this topic, so no mean comments
  4. I searched before I posted, and came up with nothing
  5. Make sure to keep it Hopscotch or forum related!

Here is how to play!

How to play!

So, it is a fact and fiction game sort of! Here is an example:
P1: Fact or Fiction? The user above me has gotten Featured!
P2: No, but they have gotten on trending! The User Above Me is one of the least famous Hops ever

Have fun!


I will start!

Fact or Fiction? The User Above Me has a cute cat!


True! I think! Fact or Fiction: TUAM had their first feature today!


False TUAM has a pet snake


(I think the feature thing is true, tankt2016 did!)

TUAM is really bored.


there's a topic called "say a fact you know about a hopspctcher adove me"

And it's bacicly the same thing.:slight_smile:

Please SBYP


Not really. :wink:
This is not Facts, it is guesses :D


It's fact or fiction. :D


Fact or Fiction: TUAM has the same username (with the acception of emojis) as they do on hopscotch!