The useles contest


So i thought it would be a intresting idea to make a contest to do one simple task in as mutch code posable.
te rules
Two entries max
All the code has to do something
Entrys will be judged on the complexaty of the code and how useless the code is

Entrys will be due on the 31 of march

Go to the seconed post to sigh up

Also if you want to judge it would be nice to be on the discource meata


JonnyGamer is in the house :ok_man:




hahahahaha yeah


Can I join?


Yeh just edit yourself int the second post


So I need to make a project with a ton off code


Yeh project with a ton of code that does something very simple


Ok I’m working on it now




This sounds fun
20 charecters





This is amazing lol


This contest is so simple but also so hard…
I don’t think that I could enter it, but I’d really like to see the results!


You should be a judge


If I have time… maybe.


You’ve been wanting regular if your more active you might get it sooner


You’re right, I lost it. But you aren’t a judge, right?


I’m entering but if I wasn’t I would be a judge