The Update Topic




Idk tho ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I dun care ¯_(ツ)_/¯ poor jimmy


Wat why do u delete ;-;


Well, this will probably be more popular, BTW.


It doesn't matter if this will "probably be more popular".


Is it okay if I merge the two topics, @XDer21? They're pretty similar. It will just help keep our forum organized and clean.

@XDer21, I'm going to merge the topics, but you can tag me if you would ever like to "recycle" this one. :smiley:


Agreed. If there's already a topic for this, this topic becomes a duplicate. People will go to the original topic more often, because that's what they know, even if this one becomes "more popular."


How is your wording so perfect? I can't even :0D


I find that a bit rude. Your basically saying, "my topic is better then yours so mine will be more popular and anyway I'm better than you so-"
And on and on and on.
I apologise if you didn't mean it that way, but it doesn't even matter if yours is more popular. It's a duplicate, so there.


Dat emoticon tho :000


Ugh... No thanks... Anyways you can stop commenting on the update now, because they confirmed the update on their twitter


How did I get here? Must be a hacker


Excuse me, but ur not allowed to show my comment on ur profile first u have to comment on BB-Box topic or XDer21 topic


How about I make a topic similar- like a design of HS topic!




Look at my Profile for more.


I didn't say that.....


Should I reveal pictures in projects here or here?


Ok, I can't reveal it because I can't find the screenshot.


I know, but it can come across that way. :wink: