The Update Topic



This is the update topic!

This topic if for...

  • Feedback on new updates

  • Update ideas

  • Update tests

  • Bug finding in new updates

  • Etc.


  • Don't be mean to THT if you don't like the new updates D:

  • Don't be mean in general

  • Don't get off topic




Help! Please look Hopscotch Team!
Any Requests for The HS Update?
Any Requests for The HS Update?

YAAAAAS i said I would have 1st :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great topic pix :D


Thanks! :D


Is there a topic already...?





Like, a topic like this? No.

I searched


Is anyone actually gonna USE the topic? XD


Yes, it is by @Gilbert189. :D


I dunno....

How is dat on topic? XD


wrong topic >-<

sorry xD


Can you put a link plz? :D


Okay. :D

Getting link...




It isn't exactly the same though. His has feedback for the new update, mine has feedback, tests, bugs, and Ideas! :D

And his is only for one update too :wink:

sorry for the late reply btw :0


@Gilbert189, @SmilingSnowflakes, @Kiwicute2016, @Anonymous, @BuildASnowman, @PopTart0219, leaders, do you agree?

You can close this topic if you don't :wink:


I kind of think it's annoying when you enter a project you have to change your iPad horizontally and when you exit the project you have to turn your iPad vertically!
Also how do delete blocks?


That topic is telling people to express their opinions in a nice way, not a give your opinion on the update feedback topic. :3

This topic is a topic for general update things (mostly feedback I think). :D


To delete blocks, you drag the object to the trash can!

The trash can appears in the bottom of the screen :slight_smile:


Is that a no?



The trash can is not showing on my screen... idk maybe a glitch.