The Update made Hopscotch so glitchy


Ever since the new update came it made everything so glitchy. If I have more than 5 characters and they all have code in them they would all start glitching and it would take all long just typing in something like "Hi" or putting a new block. THE THING I DISLIKE THE MOST OF THE UPDATE IS THAT SOME OF MY DRAFTS WOULD MERGE TOGETHER(sorry for the rage with using caps) Here is a screen shot of a project I was going to make reporting bugs but I forgot to crop it when I published it but when I unpublished it and it was back in my drafts it sort of 'fused' with a text art project I had


Oh no! Did this just start happening? What version iOS and iPad are you running?

Does this happen with new drafts that you start from scratch or only when you open an old project in your drafts? Any additional details would be really helpful!

Thanks for your patience and help!


Thank goodness I didn't download it. Yet.


Oh no! This seems bad! I didn't even know there was a new update.


Same @Petrichor




Whoops, I apologize for late reply!!
I was busy with some benchmarks at school, etc.

Started when there was an update when the HS app changed their design into the app.
—My current version is 10.3.1 which is one of the recent updates now in iOS (iPad)

For me (I'm not sure if it's with others) it's usually with scratch, as example: if I create a new project, and try to add new code from a old project and when I am finally finished coding in the new project when I publish it would merge with the old project.

Times it happened: 2
Once when I was going to put an announcement and another of reporting the bugs (the bugs project was published but unpublished later when I found out it merged with another project)