The Update is not bad


First of all do you guys like hopspctch itself and the forum?


Well guess what the tean needs to pay to keep these things running!

In that case the team needs money, that's why they added subscriptions to earn money to keep the forum and hopspctch running!

This update is great!!

Bye, from the fluffy bear


Thanks! What do you like most about it?!


I agree with you! I made a project about this!
I love being able to customize your profile!


Everything it rocks!!!

What's cool is you can keep the servers running!

You need another community call.


Can I donate money to Hopscotch? Is there a way to pay once for Hopscotch?


I agree! We do need another community call, and I'm going to be part of it if it happens.


Agreed! The photo tool is so helpful!!


Yup, they need money and I think the sub is okay, but it is kinda pricey.


You can give them a billion dollars for a lifetime use of Hopscotch and maybe that might be enough for generations to come! :smiley:


I'm not a billionaire :laughing:
I would really like a one-time fee!


What if they took the money all retired and moved to Hawaii.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well, that will guarantee a one time fee.


I hope they have a one-time fee!


I agree! What I like about it is that it's optional and creative, but it might make code less challenging... hmmm.


I can't get the update cause no WiFi! Can u make pro pic with ought WiFi?


Hi @KawaiiRose!