The Unofficial State of The Forum/Hopscotch? (January 2019)


Hello Hopscotchers and Forumers alike. This is a State of The Forum topic thing, whatever you want to call it, reflecting back on January 2019.


Hopscotch Version 3.33.0
This update to Hopscotch added brand new Winter characters! Other features have been added like the ability to more acurately change the size of your characters and IPad Pros having an edge to edge workspace.
Check the official topic here:

Forum Leaders
A few days ago @Ana made the announcement that THT was accepting applications for forumers and parents to become forum leaders! Forum leaders would work with THT to help keep the forum a safe place!

Check out the official topic here:

Community Corner

Share your opinion on the topic below! Answers will be updated and put on this post below!

First Full Month With The Two New Categories!
Our first full month with the two new categories, Frequently Asked Questions and General Topics . The Frequently Asked Questions category is for new users to ask their questions, and the General Topics category is for all General Topics! Reminder your topic can be removed if it’s not in the right category!

How do you feel about these new categories?
Do you think we should add more new categories?
Should the General Topics category not show up on new to reduce spam?

Community Answers:



Why was I tagged


Tbh I think that the FAQ category has helped a lot, and the GT one helped to clean the GTs out of Random Stuff.

The Hopscotch update? Awesome! Every new block is so helpful!
And the winter characters are so cool! Literally XD


Because you’re in the omtl


Because I tagged OMTL at the bottom




Wait isn’t there already one that exists and is alive?


That was made at the beginning of January


Yes. This was a major one. The Gt’s were clogging Random Stuff since I joined (not that long ago lol)

FAQ is probably a good category to add. There are a lot of new coders on Hopscotch and the forum, so if they need help, they can post something in FAQ and somebody can help


Wait does that actually matter?


It was over a full month ago, so much has happened since then

  1. They seem to not be effecting anything that much, but I think they would be useful in the future, especially the FAQ category since it would help a lot of new people to the forum instead of having to look around in the other categories or make a new topic to get answers. Even if they can’t find the answer they were looking for, they can make a topic in that category and people would find it quick to answer it.
  2. I don’t think we should add any more categories since the ones we have just about cover everything, but if it seems right to add a new category, I’ll be fine with it.
  3. I think they still should show up on New because it doesn’t hurt if you don’t want it. You can just ignore it or just dismiss it. But for the people who do want to see it, they can easily.

These are my opinions or answers to the questions you asked. @HopscotchRemixer
(man I typed a novel)


What a great summary of the first month! Lots of good things has happened, I think.