The UnOfficial ScotchHop Team Topic



Im making this topic to keep everyone updated on projects that have been published, or projects that are currently in the making. You may also send requests for projects, or a request to join the ScotchHop Team. So if you want to know anything about the ScotchHop Team, or want to be involved this is the place to be.

Sorry for this but...


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So far, as far as I know, the only people who are making, or have published a project on the ScotchHop Team are
@Rider (Stepscotch)
If you would like to be included in this please let any of us know

Join Here
@TheAcingGamer FOR SURE
@KiraForPrez Yey


Cool! I'm a part of the Team! Everything is awesome! ill stop now


Did you get it? If you didnt repost this.


If you live in our dreams


I saw it. Check out my project on ScotchHop


Ohhhh... that was your project
We thought our account got hacked lol
It's cool and interesting!


Is it good? Helpful in any way?


Of course, and not just to us but other hopscotchers.
Isn't that our point?
I hope so...


I did what the account was made for... to SUPPORT CODING!yay




Omg so now @UnderagedCoder1 and @Rider (Me :smirk: LOL) have a featured project on ScotchHop team, I have been told that the ScotchHop Team is a standout Account on hopscotch so rate how often you hear about the ScotchHop team, or how much of a standout account U think it is (cause everyone loves polls) I'm just trying to see if the rumors r true

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Congrats on the featured!


Thank you but... Now we have 2