The Unity Topic




I’m starting to learn C# for Unity - here’s the topic to ask all of your Unity-related questions in! (You can also learn Unity for JavaScript.)

If you’d like to learn Unity, I’d recommend starting with the Roll A Ball tutorial offered on the Unity website:


@Huggingfluffybear, check out the Roll A Ball tutorial! There’s a link in the main topic.


Apple’s new ARKit supports Unity. When that is released to the public (hopefully in about a month’s time), I am going to try learning Unity and make some projects with that. It sounds really cool, I would love to get into 3D game development.


I tried learning Unity when I was about 11 years old, but I will probably try it out again soon. It looks cool, and you can build iOS Apps with it.


When I saw this topic, I thought you were
talking about the song “Unity” by TheFatRat. XD


I found an amazing tutorial!

Roll A Ball kept crashing when I hit play and lost all my progress.


YEAH!!! Finally, a topic about something 3D!!! I thought the only other topics about 3D were mine…

(I am making it a goal to post in every new topic I see) <---- Glad I made that goal!


I am making games with unity, cool


This topic needs to be revived.


I really want to learn unity but im on ubuntu and i refuse to use windows