The UndertaleTacoz Topic


So everyone seems to be doing topics about themselves :3

So basically this is my general topic of announcements or answering your questions or sharing my projects!
So yeah!

Feel free to ask questions!
Just gonna answer some questions now:
What gender are you? Female
What's your hopscotch user? UndertaleTacoz
Would you like to have a collab with me? Sure!
Will you be my coding partner? Sorry, but no. I have one already.

Welp. Here's my topic.
Credit to @friendship2468 for the original idea!


Ur usenam is amaze
And ur profil pic



Thank you :3

I think it describes me well


@Maltese check my hopscotch channel for a second :wink:


Okay! c:


Aww! c:

Thank you so much!

That's so sweet of you, I appreciate it so much!

You're too nice. Seriously. :D

Tears of happiness. ;-;

I think my next project will be a compilations of thank yous and shoutouts! c:


I was the first person to make a topic like this.
Patchin up those potter free particulars
So at least give me some credit


I'm taking a smol break from Hopscotch.


You are? ;-;


I understand, though. :0

I hope you'll come back soon! :D


I feel like popularity is getting to me and I feel like people don't appreciate my projects.

I'll still be on here though.


I used to feel like that about 5 weeks ago. ;-;

Then @SmilingSnowflakes followed me because I started coding simple, but catchy music. I became very determined to code more, at that point, and draw less(which I used to do). :0

It's really hard, and I certainly know how it feels, but just know I'm always here to help on the forum, if you need it. :3


What is your favorite Undertale character? Heheheheh. >:3


Mettaton Ex all da way


I made a backup account, @UT_Backup
I don't know what it's for XD
I just have it in case of...stuff


Hi! That's me


Hallo! :3

How are you on this fine day, @UT_Backup XD


I wonder who that is... XD
brain chugs along distant memory road
Did I already say this? XD


I have something to say.
Please read!

I'm biromantic, meaning I like males and females.

Yes, I know I've said I'm straight.
I've been trying to figure out my sexuality for a while. Was I really straight?

Well. There you go :3
I hope you all can support lgbt!


Pls read^^^^
It's important


Bump again
Can someone please read?
It look a lot of courage to write it