<The ultimate project>


opinions on an ultimate project


An ultimate project would be an actual Instagram or musical.ly


That would be when somebody makes a project and actually fixes the bugs instead of saying, "sorry for the bugs. Do this and the bugs won't happen" because no offense but that's annoying.


I agree with you, but there was (and maybe is) a glitch that moves rules around permanently (unless you go in and fix the code, but it goes back to the glitched version after a while), and it somehow breaks the project.
Coders can't fix it, other than making really simple or at least somewhat laggy projects.


That's never happened to me or any of the games I've looked at. I think it's just lazy coders. (No offense)


Huh, that stinks.
People know exactly how to make a project complete and how to explain it, but they can't code it?
And it probably took them the same time to type the instructions as it would be to code it…


They tell you something like," don't do this because it'll cause a glitch" even though it's something that could definitely be fixed.

They should always fix there bugs rather then telling you about them.


---ART (still thinking of a new name) doesnt have any bugs to this date... that i know of. help me find bugs?

Graphing Calculator in Hopscotch!



here da link

Graphing Calculator in Hopscotch!

I found a bug!
I dunno if it works w/ other brush types, but on some loads (or maybe the first time you start the pad), with the eraser the Temporary X and Y mess up and the brush is maybe 25-50 pixels from your finger, even when you tap the brush


Hmm... ill have to fix that , thanks


was the triange green?


@GysvANDRegulus Was the triange green? Was the brush on extended? Hello?


Sorry, I was doing hwk!
Anyways, the brush was regular, but I did turn the extended on and off!


Like the ones with the art pads that you can't fix


umm, try this. version



It's gone!
But I found a new bug! When extend brush is on, you always have to drag the brush extensions to draw!


thats why its extended... its for detail work when you cant see umder your finger


its not even a bug. i coded it that way