The Ultimate Leader Election! Run for Leader today!


So if @liza is okay with it we are having the ultimate leader election so two people win and get promoted leader and then In this topic you vote for who you want and running people can vote for anyone including there selfs so requirements are you half to be a regular and say

I Run For Leader

@Kiwicute2016 I know @liza decides but can you reopen and we do this for fun?


I think we have enough leaders for now, honestly :wink:.


Well I feal like even if the winner does not step up right away at least we will be prepared!


I want to be a leader but I don't know if an election is ok. I think we have got enough leaders for now, sorry.


Even if we just do this for fun ya'll it will give us a idea!


I Run For Leader


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I agree with @RubyWolf1 and @CreativeCoder, this sounds fun, and I want to be Leader, but we do have a lot of Leaders right now, and this kinda seems like a popularity contest.


I think you should slow down a bit. Get approval, then start it.


True I should get approval well even if they say no we can do it to get a idea!


@Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman is this ok?



I don't think there should be elections for leaders because people might feel bad about themselves. Liza promotes people manually and she choses who should become a leader. This isn't the correct way to advertise leadership, as it becomes more of begging to become a leader, rather than actually earning it. If you truly want me to reopen, @ me.



Okay it's back open again thanks!


I agree fully. It would make a lot of people feel bad.


I totally agree, @Kiwicute2016!
Ultimately, it's up to Liza and everybody else to make the decision. Others may feel left out of the leader thing, and maybe even a mini Donald Trump may emerge from the forums. :laughing:

But this may encourage people to change their personality and be competitive against others in a rude manner. Others may be left out.


Do we need this?

I think it's best for le Admins and Moderators to select it instead...
Edit: I fixed the title for you. I got OCD.


I totally agree with you. You always have great advice


I still think we should let admins decide because people can feel left out or upset because of this.

I'm not running this time.