The Ultimate Guide To Trail Art and Design



This is the ULTIMATE guide to trail art and design. So let's dive straight in.


Layouts are very important when it comes to game making in my opinion. Why? @PopTart0219 and @Gilbert189 did an experiment on their @Tapioca64 account and found that people like things with nice colors, and HSBs, so a layout wouldn't be that different, or atleast I think so. Now with layouts it depends on what you are making. So here are all the different possible sections I can think of that would be included in a game.

Main Menu

This is the first screen people see, and most of the time used as a thumbnail for the project. So don't make it boring with one color and just start and the title above, make it unique. Add HSBs, random designs, anything! I would reccomend making it symmetrical. Why? Because symmetry is very pleasing. But randomness can be used in some places.

Ideas for designs

  • a rainbow square in each corner
  • check out @Madi_Hopscotch_'s rainbow wave project! Use that for inspiration.
  • DOTS
  • diagonal stripes
  • chevron

I would not reccomend smooth background. I know what you're thinking.

But they take a long time to load. Loading screens aren't very cool to look at now are they?



I would do the simple title on top start button on the bottom, but with a twist to it. Like, bold text, awesome transitions, etc. You know?

Level Selection

I've noticed most projects don't have this, actually I haven't seen any projects that include one of these. But I guess I would reccomend adding one to your project, since it gives an organized vibe. But I'd reccomend something like this:

Just add colors and make the background look :ok_hand:🏻. I would reccomend making the background match the theme of your game. Try checking out the theme section of this tutorial for more.

Other Layouts

Well when it comes to other layouts, just sketch it out first, have everything in one place, and keep things organized.

Color Schemes

Color is very important. But here's the number one rule.

include atleast 2 HSB colors
It's very important color is varied. You can use original colors but you GOTTA have atleast 2 HSBs. The average HSB amount should be 5 but I do more than that sometimes.


Not all HSBs are neon/brigh. Try to make some colors natural.

Good color combos

Purple + Green
Blue + Pink
Orange + Magenta
Yellow + Red

Now when blending two colors together, use your color wheel knowledge. Red Blue and Yellow are the 3 primary colors. Purple green and orange are the three secondary colors. Opposite colors are the best pairs but do not mix them or blend them in any way. It makes a yucky color.

Opposite colors

Red + Green
Blue + Orange
Yellow + Purple
Blue-Green + Red-Orange
Yellow-Green + Red-Violet
Yellow-Orange + Blue-Violet

and then here is the image of a color wheel I thought would be a good example.

Trail Art Shading

When shading in trail art don't decrease the brightness, that makes it look dull and gray. Keep the brightness the same and increase the saturation. It works, trust me. If the saturation is already at 100 decrease the brightness.


When making your project think to yourself: what vibe does the concept give? The vibe helps determine what colors you should use.

Eerie/Scary Vibe

Use dark colors with brightness around 10. So they know what color it is, but it's still dark and spooky.

Fun/Kawaii Vibe

Bright colors and pastels are very good for this.

Normal Vibe

Basic colors, you know...

Boring Vibe

No color, just black and white.



Sad Vibe

Cool colors, blues, purples, and greens.

Frustrating Vibe

Reds, oranges, pinks, yellows, etc.

Level Selection thing I promised

do a background based on your concept, your backstory etc.

Sections coming soon: Leave A Trail Essential Skills


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