The Ultimate Guide to Lightrail



The Ultimate Guide To Lightrail


I'm here today to tell you about the game on Featured that I made called Lightrail (which you can find here). This will tell you everything you need to know about this game, like achievements, tips, stolen ideas (:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) and more!


These are all of the achievements in this game!

Bump the edge: Bump the edge of the screen by putting your finger to the edge, and just keep bumping the edge until you get the achievement. This one is the hardest one to find.

60 Seconds, 120 Seconds: Get these by getting the amount of seconds told on the left.

HAX!!: Get 180 or more seconds. I haven't experimented with how fast the projectiles are at this time, so I don't know if it's possible or not as of now! :yum:

Death by REE: Go to the red in the beginning instead of the green.

References/Stolen Ideas

- The achievements' looks and the sound they play is a reference to Geometry Dash. When you get an achievement, it looks like that.
- REE: I tried to spell "red", but I had a typo and caps lock at the same time, and REE was actually an interesting name, so I called Red REE.

Easter Eggs

The only notable Easter egg probably has to do with the projectiles. It's very rare to get this projectile, and what has to happen is:

There is first a one in two chance of there to be this. Then, there is a 1 in 100 chance of there to be the Easter egg. If you get it, this is what shows up instead of the normal projectile:

Tips and Tricks

  • Don't forget that you can teleport. If you find yourself in a tight corner, just tap somewhere else that's not a corner, and you're safe!
  • Stay away from the side of the screen when you reach 60 and 120. If you don't, the red rail will kill you.

Thank you @Liza and whoever else chose to put me on Featured, it really cheered me up when I saw it there! :grin:

I think that's pretty much it! Thanks for reading! :smile:

Nominations for Game Changers

Wow, it's amazing! Good work! Did you make that in the time you were back, or did you secretly have your iPad the whole time? XD

I got 8.7 seconds lol


The best games are the simplest, and you really captured that! Great work, and I love the achievements and easter eggs! I also loved your title, 'Lightrail.' @Rawrbear


Nope, I made it in half a day of effort! :smiley:


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