The ultimate guide to getting featured!


I started this with the help of other hops in June! I finally finished it and thought I should make a topic. Feel free to copy and paste this for other people!

How to make feature worthy games

One tip is to have a good thumbnail. Make sure the project looks nice on the outside. Try and make a project that's unique, innovative or completely new! Make the coding as in-depth and detailed as you can! - @KVJ

Make sure the code is not copied. projects have a better chance of being featured if they are original!

Here's a post where Liza explains what they look for:

how to get nominated for featured

You can wait for someone to nominate, or nominate yourself!

Nominations may not always be featured, but they might! If you see any feature worthy projects, nominate them! Being active in the nominations for featured topic helps. If people see you in that topic nominating other people, they'll notice you and perhaps nominate you.

What it's like to be featured

You will probably feel really happy! It will feel amazing and usually comes with a like from THT. Likes, follows and remixes will blow up your Activity a lot for the first few days/weeks. You'll still get likes for months! Usually that tends to make people happy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - @KVJ

A note about notifications…

Be warned about Activity. It will explode. And it will explode when

  • you enter the app
  • you go through Activity
  • you're elsewhere
  • you're about to code something
  • your playing some project.
  • etc
    This will happen a lot for a little while, then it'll happen less.
    Don't be surprised if likes and follows and remixes still come in after a year :wink: - @KVJ

And you will probably need to turn off your notifications for a while...

My notifications went crazy, with over 100 notifications a day! You have been warned! -bluedogmc

Keep at it!

You can't get featured if you don't try! Persevere and do your best when making your amazing project. If you never get a feature, it's ok. If you only get one feature, it's ok. Just keep going!

Be patient!

You won't be featured immediately after joining. Keep making awesome projects, and don't beg to be featured!


One way that your project to be feature worthy us to go with your strengths and improve on them. All sorts have projects have made featured. Games, draw pads, trail art, amazing displays of math, and even drawings have earned it. Don't feel obligated to make a game when what you really love is trail art. Do what's most fun for you, and the featured will come with time.

Do your best and have fun. Even if you don't get featured, you have enjoyed coding and that's the most important. If you want to get on featured, make something that you like. Try again and again and do your best!

other topics, info, and more guides

Here is a topic About the pros and cons (also by me)

Here is another short guide to being featured:

Here is a awesome topic:

Here is another topic: (credit to @snoopy)

If you have questions about being featured, ask them here!

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Here's another cool topic:


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I am happy to say this is all you need to get featured. These are how all the top alpha dogs get featured. If you got featured once, that means you can do it again!

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