The ultimate guide to being a REGULAR!



Being a regular!

This is the ultimate guide for all regulars! If you think I missed something or I need to add something, let me know! This isn't in the lounge, because I think it would be cool for members to see this, so they can learn about what regulars can do and be motivated to become one.


Being a regular comes with great abilities! But, if you misuse these abilities, they won't be so great anymore!


Put topics in the lounge, when you think that only regulars and up should be able to see. The lounge is also a good place to share collab passwords and etc. the lounge is NOT to talk about members or flame wars behind people back. Just use common sense about what to put here!

Make wiki!

This is just to make things editable. This is pretty self explanatory!

Changing titles!

Only change a topic title if it is really not appropriate! Then immediately change it. But, if the title is fine, you just think it should be called something else, ask the topic creator before you make it!

Making tags!

Don't make a tag that no one is ever going to use! For example, if I made a topic about coding food, I don't want to make a tag called:


When is someone ever going to use thathe? Probably never. I could. Are a tag like:


This tag could be used for multiple coding challenge topics!


I know a lot of people just got regular,and this is to help them! Hope you enjoyed! If you think I need to change anything, let me know! Also, any leaders or mods, if you think I missed something, you can just edit it in! Thanks!


That's a really great guide, so how do you become a regular?


You will need to read a lot of posts, topics, post in topics, and you must be on for 50 days :D @Explorer_


Please search before you post, there are already many topics about this.


I know, but i wanted to create my own guide! Many people have created regular guides, and this is my version!

Leaders, what do you think? I know there are other guides, but u wanted to make my own! Is this ok, or is it a duplicate topic? @Gilbert189 @Intellection74 @SmilingSnowflakes @PopTart0219 @Mathgirl @Kiwicute2016 @Anonymous


Thanks! Like @smishsmash said, just stay on, and be active! Make sure to read a lot of posts! Remember, just stay on and be active, and you'll be a regular in no time!


All guides are the same, but different.
- tankt2016


Exactly! I edited my post before to ask leaders if this was ok! We'll see what they say! Thanks for the friendly reminder!


I think it's okay, we could always use a little refreshing on the guides to regular. :D

This is a wonderful guide. :3





Tru :D
P.S. Hi @SmilingSnowflakes and @bluedogmc-official


Hi! :D




Great topic! But maybe you can add how to display "regular" after your username?