The Ultimate Forum Guide for Forum Stuff




Hello, potatoes! So, today I present to you...THE ULTIMATE FORUM GUIDE FOR FORUM STUFF! Whether you are new or looking to refresh your skills or you're new, this is the place to go! The forum may seem like a confusing place at first- there's so much to it! But, once you've learned everything, it is a very good place if you use it correctly! So, let's dive in!

Chapter One - What the Forum is For

This is a place where you create discussions known as topics to get help, start a collab, and more. People will respond to your topic with their opinions on what you said, etc.
Of course, your topic must be related to Hopscotch. This is part of the community guidelines, which are very important you follow.
Of course, the forum has become something more than a place to get help with code, though that's really what it is for. People sometimes create topics for forum games like chain games, or quitting topics. Another type of topic is a feedback topic where a forumer might ask for constructive criticism.
All in all, there are plenty of topics out there. What this means for you, is that before starting a discussion, you should always SBYP. That's an acronym for search before you post. Otherwise, you might create a duplicate topic!
The forum is also a place for positivity, so you should keep negativity at a minimum. People have created topics like the #PrayForOrlando one that encourage Hopscotchers to change the world with coding.
Of course, the forum can't possibly be a cheery place 100% of the time.
You can learn more about this in Chapter 3.

Chapter Two - Forum Functions

To respond to a topic, press the arrow on the bottom right of the post, where it literally says "Reply". Same goes for responding to someone's reply.
You can go to the Latest page by clicking the little lines by your profile picture. You can also go to different pages like New as well from there. One of the options is "Tags". A tag is a word you add to describe your topic, like one of the tags for this topic is "forum". When you go the Tags page you can select a tag and see every topic with that tag.
There is also another type of tagging on the forum. It's when you put @ before a forumer's name, like this: @blueberry112. It will notify them and take them to that reply when they tap the notification. The Offical Mass Tag List (OMTL) is a huge list of forumer tags that people willingly add their names to. People can copy and paste it onto topics to attract attention to that discussion.
You can also send invites to certain forumers and Hopscotchers to come to a certain topic or join the forum, and they will get a notification. You can invite people by pressing the Invite button at the very bottom of a topic.
You may notice there are other buttons down there: "Share", "Flag", etc. Press Share to get access to a link to the topic you can copy and paste, and Flag to report the topic. You can also put the topic on different settings like Muted or Watching. This controls how involved you are in the topic.
When you see someone's post, you'll notice you can see their profile pic. Click it to view their bio!
Want to write your own? First, go to your own bio. Before editing it, there will be nothing there. Just go to Preferences and write about yourself! In Preferences, you can also do things like change your profile pic.
Now, to talk about Trust Levels! When you first join, you will be a basic user. You will have a limited amount of likes and replies. Then, you become a member. You will have limited abilities and likes. However, once you've been on long enough and read enough topics, you become a regular. But watch out- if you're not on enough, you could be demoted back to member!
Regulars can do things like change the title of topics and access discussions that are in the lounge. But the forumers with the a lot of power are the leaders, chosen by the Hopscotch Team. They can close (meaning no one but leaders can post replies to that topic) topics, check I.P. addresses, etc.

I am working on writing this. I will come edit more into it later. Bye for now!

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Amazing topic! Very helpful. :D


Thanks! I know there are other forum guides, but this is going to be the ultimate one. And I'm going to add links to other helpful topics in this one.


Hi! This topic is great so far, in depth, and overall, will be useful!
I have a question for you guys. Hopefully you have an answer?
When I created this account, I got a message/topic/notice from Liza, with the rules and all that. But one of the pictures included was this:

Do you know what's with the 'YOUR 2 cents' sign at the bottom?
Does that mean it costs a bit of money to use the forum??


Pretty sure "your two cents" just means "your input" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No, it's a saying. XD

Giving your 2 cents is a saying. XD

Basically: "Thanks for giving your knowledge (or participation)"


Person 1: Hi.
Person 2: Hi, what is 10 times 2?
Person 1: ...
Person 3: 20!

Person 3 gave their 2 cents (knowledge/participation) to the conversation. :D


Umm, may you please elaborate? Do you mean it's... an expression?


Yeah it's a phrase that means your advice on a matter!


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Is there anything I should add to the "Forum Functions" chapter before I go on to chapter 3?


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Well, functions is a really vague word. This seems more like the main parts of the forum.


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Also, even stranger, it seems I don't have one. Or maybe I can't see it? And I couldn't find the option when I was editing my profile either.
Do you unlock it from being a member, or a regular?


It's called a title, and mods can change them. XD
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Mods usually only change Leader's and their own titles. :D


Oh seriously? Kiwicute is a mod? Huh. I thought only members of the Hopscotch team could be mods.
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