The Ultimate Artist Collaborations



I am going to be making a Collaboration account. I have a limit of 5 people, so sign up quick! We will make drawing pads of various sorts, coded art, etc. To join you must know how to make a semi-complex drawing pad, fuzzy draw, and spiral draw.


okay ill join, I like doing art anyway :wink:


Thanks! I'll create the account. Brb


I heart art! Can I join? I'm a great artist


I only do fuzzy draw form the videos, but what's spiral draw? I made a hide and unhide drawing pad


The Ultimate Artist

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ok I got username and pass!


Done! Thanks, kathrynjaneway


Can I join? I am LotsaPizza on Hopscotch... you may know of me :wink:


Ask kathrynjaneway and she'll give u da pass


awww brb im going to someones bday party ;(


Did you get it? (2020202)


Wut is pass?? 20202020


okay 220202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020202020


Thanks for making the "lets get to know each other" page! I put down my name and age.


Log in everyone! @LotsaPizza @Ihasfluffycupcakes @Friendship2468


I logged in. Thanks for making that lets get to know each other page. I'm on my own account now, though.


I don't know where my iPad is, sry


Did I ou see the thing from Hack? FYI, we got hacked already.(Argh!)


What's the username again? I can't log in to it