The UglyDoll game! (don't ask... just check it out! 😉)



Hey, everyone! @Qubertion and I are working on this awesome new game! If you'd like to help out or give information, please do so! :wink: I'll send links if you'd like to see how progress is going. Thanks!


May I see? Sounds creepy!:smile:


I'll add a pictures and type up To: Qubertion for a sneak peak!


That pic was so cool and adorable!


Thanks! (20 characters)


Ok! Here's my ideas...


Did you get iOS 9.1? Anyway, I'll fix it to an emoji we all have. My brother was having the same issues too.


A finished fixing Babo. Whew that took a while!


This good? I'll try the other acorn idea


hey I know ugly dolls I used to have one my favorites are wage and minimum wage


Nice! (20 characters)


Finished shaded background...
Working on putting it onto the main app


Hey @Qubertion? Do you like that with the acorn, Babo turns into Super Squirrell Babo? It looks cool!


Yeah! The characters are kinda glitches for me though. Maybe it is just iOS 9


That's strange... Anyway, I updated it so hopefully it'll work. There's also a loading screen now and shaded background!


I'm going to publish another beta called BaboBeta. Sorry the loading screen is a full minute. It is worth the wait.


Cool! Isn't the Ugly Doll named Big Tow in real life? I think I have him! Anyways, I'll see if it works now


Yes, big toe is real. We don't have him though.


We have quite a few ugly dolls in our house. That's what inspired me. I think they're discontinued though. :frowning:


I've extended the song to be over a minute, I'll get the exact measure later but I'm still working on it. I've added chords too. :slightly_smiling: I'll publish a beta then I'll focus on screens. I'm calling it BaboBeta mainly because it features Babo in only one screen. There's also an acorn that turns him into Squirrell Babo, but it'll be in a different screen later. It's kind of like a power up, I just haven't thought of what it'll do yet. I'll just finish the already long song.