THE TRUTH! The KawaiiRose Files


The KawaiiRose Files

Well since you clicked on this topic, I'm going to assume that you are suspicious of her too... Yes, you are not the only one who thinks she is evil. I believe she is evil too. And I will find out what she is planning.

I've been studying her posts, and found a pattern (Proof that she is evil). This is the-

-Oh no! Sorry, but I need to leave!!! Evil KawaiiRose has found out where I live and she is on her way! Bye, I will explain the pattern later!
runs away



let's start a "K" chain


L, sounds kool
no let's start an alphabet chain XD


which is obviously the best letter in the alphabet


Hello, what was I saying....?

Oh I remember, I was going to tell you the pattern. Well actually, I don't think it's really considered a pattern... But here it is:
I looked at her profile and then looked at her posts. And wrote down the first letters of each post from the latest to a random post and then stopped. Here are the letters:
I promised I haven't added or tooken out any letters when I wrote them down on paper.
Now what words can you spell out with these letters?
Here are some...

raw, won, win, ran, no, now


Out of the first letters of ten posts, most of the words made from the letters have three letters.
And 10 +3 = 13
13 - the number of letters in KawaiiRose's name (10) = 3
And 3 is illuminati.







The Alphabet Chain!


Please don't post spam on this topic. Just cause it's supposed to be a weird topic doesn't mean you can ignore making real posts. Please stop posting just letters.

Okay? ;)


Clevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver! :clap::clap::clap:


Ok.... Have you ever relised you are just like @Anonymous?


What do you mean???
In what way am I like A?


Scroll down his profile. He has a lot of "is illumanitti" projects.




x3 lol!!! I wanna see next episode x3