The trust level topic!


Ok so i know that lots of people are waiting for there trust levels so badly so you can share that here
So an example: am i close to regular? Image of it
So again this topic is where you can share if u are close to a trust level like regular or member



I'm a member First like and reply


This topic is sharing if u are close to a trust level and post a image to show
This is not sharing what trust level u are!


But I thought other people can see our summary so....


But all those wonderings if you are regular pr memebers or any other trust level cpuld be in here if you havent got it yet!
This i guess is a confusing topic i guess?!


No offense but..
Many people h e made topics like this..(like all-in-one leaving topics and still people make their own topics.
Let's invite the OMTL here


I added it already @DinoProductions


Le face palm


Wa does le face palm mean?


Le facepalm
There's that auto correct who auto correct everything


K @DinoProductions


Hi! I am Nathan. On hs, I am part of Team TACOCODE!


Hi Nathan.


I'm a member right now, but I think I should be a regular by now, see:


Yeah u should be getting close! @KayKat
Maybe you need to have 1d read time?!
Idk but there is somethng that u need to do more to get regular but idk what it is!?


Here is mine, I should be regular...but I am not. I should also have the empathetic badge but I'd dont know why I don't have it. WHAT IS THIS MADDNESS​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Paige1212 same here I am so close


Oh hey girl how u doin!


Gud gud ty how r u? :slight_smile:


U should earn regular and the empathic badge soon!
Have you gotten any flags?!