The trust badge



Hi everyone I have a question about trust badges first how do you earn them I mean I get trusted on a lot of things at least they should name it something else well I have a poll for you guys to vote on and tell me what yo I think

Should trust badges have a different name

  • yes
  • no



What should they change the name to


Any opinions? Anyone? Please talk


I don't know what they are.


These are trust badge


Ok whatever I guess it doesn't matter


Tap on my profile then look at the bottom of my profile and you will see it


Hi @Work_kids_coding and @Hoppertoscotch if you're wondering about trust levels and what they are and how you earn them, you might find this post here useful. I think the name trust levels describe their use well, as the longer you use the forum and contribute well to it, the more the community and the computer trusts you, so the computer doesn't think you're a robot :smiley:


Getting to regular seems hard!But earning them I not very good at explaining