The True and False Challenge



Alright, peeps! This is sorta like TUBM. So you say something like this:

User1: @HappyPerson likes tomatoes!
User2 (you have to guess): True!
@HappyPerson: False! I hate tomatoes!

Something like that! Have fun!


How does this relate to Hopscoth. (I am just asking!)


Great topic! But please make it sorta like
P1: @tankt2016 has 12 likes on most recent project!
P2: False!
@tankt2016: Actually, I do!


Well, some people might ask:

Has @HappyPerson ever been on Featured?

That's Hopscotch!


Okay! I'll ask questions too! But I want people to kinda know me better!


Um, I'm saying this in a nice way, but there is a bunch of topics like this already! But don't delete it! I'll play:
@HappyPerson is famous on hopscotch


That's really nice but false! I don't get a lot of likes or requests!


Here what's your username I'll follow you and like some of your projects!


Happyperson.. Probably XD


I just want to make sure u there @HappyPerson


Thank you so much! My username is Happy Person :joy:. My projects may turn out to be birds. Dunno why! Here are some of my drawings! I'm really bad.


No! It is Happy Person :joy:


has gotten 30+ likes on a recent project made by the girl!


Uh, I don't know. Do you @tankt2016


do i hate all people who claim to be not human, or at least half that?
[flamewar warning]


Did I recently become a fan of Lady Gaga's music?


Anyway, I own a secret account (no hints!) and I deserve that many likes!



@tankt2016 is allergic to chocolate

(I know some one who is


Do I know someone on Hopscotch?


True! You know me!

@Silver_girl is super nice.

(Hint: 5,000 trues)