The Troubles of Banned Words



Hey guys. I know a that a topic was made about this already, but I think I want to do it again, it's kind of important.

So, you may ask why there are so many banned words. Some could be inappropriate, or are sensitive to others, or could be used as an insult.

Some that are sensitive or could be triggers could be:

  • Na.zi- This could still be a sensitive subject for certain people.
    Hit.ler- Same, it could be sensitive as well.

  • Sui.side- VERY sensitive for certain people, depending on them. Everyone does it, I don't get why it's banned.

I don't get why if Adolf Hit.ler is banned, why isn't Napoleon banned? (Jk I know my history, Adolf was extremely bad, kids don't look up to him.)

And then there's inappropriate words. But I can't get into that without getting in trouble. But the word (don't freak out on me please) gay is not banned.
What the hay?

Insults. People get them a lot.

  • Mea.ny- Petty insult but still.
    Your Mean could just be an insult.
    iPad Aw.ay- Could be used as in: "Put your iPad aw.ay!"

But, there's worse ones out there that could hurt more.

This poll is about how you feel about the banned words.

  • No more banned words. At all.
  • Maybe some should be deleted...
  • We need WAY more banned words.
  • Eh. They have good reason.
  • These are good. Keep them.
  • Well, THT would know. Not my business.


Votes are public.


Adolf hitle.r is known by many more people. Plus I think Napolean wasn't that evil.


Well, yeah. That's why I said just kidding. Most people on here are a little young, and might not know about Napoleon just yet.


I'm leavin.g shouldn't be a banned word. What if you just have to leave the conversation?


That is true (AUGG I didn't add that!).
I mean, when people leave a conversation, they should be able to say "I'm Good bye."

What really gets me is when people don't obey the laws of capaltization.


Yeah, I hate it when they do this:

i am really annoyed. my cod e ksn't working.

Me: starts to explode


Or when people are like:

Them: im not mean, but potato lover is.
Me: Okay. What did I do?
Them: u were mean to me.
Me: inhales deeply

Later- explodes


I mean, the inappropriate words and insults should definitely stay banned.

However, I think im,, and iPad aw.ay should be unbanned, because I don't see any reason why they should be banned.


People need to think about the fact that they may be overreacting... maybe that person isn't being mean, they're just trying to point something out, and they don't want to offend you.

This is also why I try and avoid overreacting people on the forum


Yep, I agree...why ban those words??


I agree, one hetalian to another.


What exactly is the problem? Some words are banned, if you are using a banned word for a good purpose just use the html tag trick.


I get why they blocked some words, but I feel certain words shouldn't be blocked, like "I'm l.eaving"

There isn't any reason for gay to be banned, there is nothing wrong with the word gay. I guess people can use it has an insult but still.


I've already made a topic on this, but it will give more attention to this issue. Thanks!



Like "I'm leaving"!

But only if it's something that might not need to be blocked


I agree with this topic 100%.:grinning:


I'm topics clog the forum, and could use iPad awa.y.


@PotatoLover3 guess what just got banned addres.s


Gay probably isn't censored because it is such a insult.

As I hope we all know, (please no flame war) is that being gay is not a bad thing, AT ALL.
Simply calling someone it just makes you look like such a jer.k, because they are simply saying here and there that being gay is wrong, and is assuming that it is wrong to whoever they are remarking the said "insult" to.


Gay isn't a bad word, it's a type of sexuality. :slight_smile:
It also has another meaning: happy!
So, I could say "I'm gay!" and it could mean "I'm Happy!"