The trouble with Credit And Stuff




I need help! Draw Pad+Music Kit=Kaboom!
I need help! Draw Pad+Music Kit=Kaboom!

uhh... what are you talking about?


@Kiwicute2016 is merging posts I think


Itll make sense soon when the leaders merge the posts


Sorry, off topic. I'm just so excited!

@Follow4LikesOfficial do you remember when @MagmaPOP remixed your project? Well, he JUST REMIXED MINE!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

Just saw this in the code.... :sleepy:

What's Pinterest?


Lol it's social media XD


Oh. Lol! I still can't believe it!!!




He was being sarcastic and saying that I coppied from Pintest. Which I didn't.


That's what I was saying, but oh well... I won't say anything else on this subject on the forum unless needed :slightly_smiling:






Well yeah, because they are "not" from the Internet... Totally :wink:


Woah! I'd dint know there was that! I just found a picture... Don't know where it's from.


Are you saying that because you want to make a joke, or because you think they can't have original ideas :confused: let's think about this before we jump to conclusions (I'm not trying to make this post sarcastically but it sounds like it)


No, there is "no" problem in people recreating pixel art on hopscotch, but there is a problem in them taking credit... But that has nothing to do with why I remix! :wink:


I suppose that's true, but I wouldn't (myself) copy paste a link to an unknown source, that I doubt anyone would pay attention to
Also: out of curiosity and nothing related to this discussion whatsoever:
Did you get your Taylor Swift pixel art online or from your own creation?


@MagmaPOP told me he used a pic, pixelated it with some software, then pixelized it with hopscotch. Sent u da email



Ok, that's completely fine!
But I didn't see you add that to your project on Hopscotch :wink: Many people might not know that, and they could stumble upon it on the Internet and do the same thing that happened with SmileyAlyssa.... Just a tip