The tree of hopscotch


who I am

Hi, it's @LBGT.supporter I am a. Coder in "disguise" do NaoT geuss me. I belive that the comunity needs someone like me so.,, POOF here I am

Hopscotch is a big family tree

So imagine that there was a big family, evry single hopscotcher is a sibling, siblings fight and there's haters, siblings love and there's friendship but there all siblings. Some people argue in this family and that hurts the family. But a couple have a big lesson too teach the family like for instance me, I want evryone to know LBGT is not bad, can't be choosen, just means they love different! Some of these family members are LGBT and they get teased, I am like the peace person, I make others love those. #SpreadTheLove

just love evryone

And they will return the love

dont hate me or @LGBT.Coder


I wish i could like ;n; Great Speach!


Really, cool, topic.


Wow this is great! After all if you think about it everyone is related somehow! Becuase it started with Adam and Eve if you are Christan!


I love this! :smile:


I thought you were tankt... •-•


And I thought you were SnowGirl_Studios





Amazing! I love the metaphor, and I agree fully! :smile:


Lol @SmileyAlyssa I though you were @SmileyAlyssa :stuck_out_tongue: