The Trail Art Topic!


So I wanted to make a topic where people could go and tell peopl about their trail art that they are making, if they need help, if they need ideas, you can also publish your links of your trail art and other people can give feedback, or anything else that is trail art related!! Also add any ideas to the Trail Art Ideas list!!

Trail Art Ideas
  1. Orange
  2. Apple
  3. Your initials/Logo
    5.your hobbies
  4. Mango
  5. A cat :3
  6. Any dessert
  7. Lemon
  8. Lemonade
  9. Orange Juice
  10. Penguin!
  11. Snoopy!
Trail Art Links





Hoi! I gat tagged.....


Okay… I will start! Anybody have any trail art ideas?


Maybe a mac&cheez noodle


I'll chat about a project i'm making with trail art in 5 weeks.
Going to Fiji now.




What kind of trail art is it?


Making a room with switches to turn on/off the lights and open/close a sliding door. A bit like FNAF but in just 1 room.
I want to try and use trail art for everything and not shapes/sprites.


Hope you don't mind that editing :grimacing:


ooh, how about... an UNDERTALE character! sans maybe?


abOUT TIMe someone make this! Great topic :3
silently tags @Maltese


ive been summoned hello

youve all been granted by my presence


Trail art master

I need your help


everything master

what do you need help with?

DISCLAIMER: I may not be able to help because I am only a beginner and don't know as many things as other people do


everything master???
oh lol you must be confusing me with yourself :joy::joy:
I need help...
with trail art shading


Trail art shading? Well, it isn't too hard. You just pick a color either lighter or darker than the base color, then you can either create a thick line shading (as I have used on my Nutella project), or use little line shading, similar to a pencil. I'm not exactly sure how to do this, but I am completely sure it's an option and it can be done.


Thanks! Another thing I'm having trouble on--making a line get thicker then thinner as it's drawn.


Thank you!! I forgot about it!!


Thanks!! I am super glad you like it!!


Oh, I think I have a project for you then. I just helped CodePerfect make a baseball bat, and it was coded out of a trail becoming bigger and bigger in width.

How about I give you the link to that project, so you know how to make a trail become wider? I'm pretty sure if you know how to make a trail wider you can also figure out with common sense too how to make a trail smaller in width.