The Topic Of Imitators On HS, and the Forum


a person who copies the behavior or actions of another.
"the show's success has sparked off many imitators"
synonyms: copier, emulator, follower, mimic, plagiarist, ape, parrot; informalcopycat
"she has many imitators"

We all know imitators on HS, they are everywhere. They are annoying, and hard to stop, so I decided I would make a topic on them. How to understand them, and how to stop them!

What is an Imitator?
An imitator is usually someone whom creates an account, with the name of another HSer, I have personal experience becuase I have had 4 of them. For example "MagmaPopp" was one, There are three types of imitators,
1-Mild, they just take your name and don't publish anything(my least favorite)
2-Medium-Use your name, and posts things, but dosent pretend to be you
3.Normal-Just pretend to be you.
If you still don't know, here's an example-

These are imitators of @MagmaPOP.

How do I know I have one?
You will most likely know right away, they will like your projects or remix, trying to get you to notice them, if they don't, someone will likely notify you, if none of that happens, just look up your name.

How do I stop them?
Just nicely ask them to stop, if they refuse, ask them again. Third time, threaten to e-mail THT, if they still refuse, e-mail THT
Or just ignore em'

Why do they do this?
One word-Popularity.
Yep, usually this works, but they become infamous.
They're fame only lasts a day or two.
They want to use other people's hard work to they're advantage.

What if I am, or was one?
It okay, as long as you stopped, or are going to stop, we all feel a little jealous of other people sometimes!

I hope this topic helped you!
Have you ever faced a imitator?
If so, reply with how you dealt with it!


MagmaPOP -eating breakfas
That name tho, lol

I, myself, haven't dealt with imitators (wow lucky me XD)
But I feel so so bad for people who have them D:


Look- @A.K_studios, unless this is u


That's still me :3
It just my backup acount
Long story short I forgot my password and made this current acount
I was able to get back on my backup, but I like this acount a lot more

I'm too lazy to change the names tho lol


Oh. XD, I just got a new imitator called Hitokage​:smiley_cat:, Gasppppp


Back in 2015, nothing like this ever happened
In 2017, I don't want to be rude, but people are getting a whole lot less aware of their actions

And it seems people overreact about too many things

And then there is the sane people, like me and you XD
(And most people on this forum)

then again, how sane really am I?



Ya u have one that's just named Hitokage on HS.


I know. XD


They think they are soooo cool, when really, they are making themselves LESS popular. Like the new "CWAB" that faker was a GREAT artist! But she decided to be a faker instead of getting famous on her own account. It's sad.


People didn't realize that there are too much imitators on the forum as well..


this is a joke XD


I know right! Urggghhhh


the magmapop draws one magmapop made


I have a few-if you look up "Kay Kat" or "KayKat" or something along those lines, you find them. I just ignore them XD.


MagmaPOP- eating breakfas
Bahahahha :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Is this an imitator? I can't tell.


I Looked Up Mei The Riolu.

What Does This Mean :0


The only accounts on HS that are worse are those that are hater.s.


Aaaand someone took my profile picture. How? I don't know.


Also, this is what I get for you. Why does my username show up? Why does himynameismeredith, THT, and the real funky 63 show up?


Lol no one can spell my name enough to imitate me...