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Hi! I know their are thousands of people on HS, but I think some people are unnoticed. I feel like I'm one of those people, but this is just an opinion. I feel like if you get famous (aka-getting a trending) some people have been doing this for a year, and still haven't been Featured! I haven't, and please don't flake this because you think I want more likes (cause I just want to tell you how I feel) Can you respond if you feel unnoticed or never been featured! Thanks


Yay first liek and comment! I feel kind of noticed on the HSF, but never Featured or Trending. And I'm super unnoticed on HS.


Even when the forum first came into existence I couldn't say I feel unnoticed, and I've gotten featured on some ridiculously simple projects..... But I think this is a good topik? If it's what it seems like.


Yes! You are so kind! You aren't like "ya ya ya I'm so unfamous ya ya."


Thanks ・゜゚・:.。..。.:・'(゚▽゚*)'・:.。. .。.:・゜゚・* <- I like doing things like this.


This is a nice topic, although I don't completely understand the overall purpose??

I remember when I was one of those people that only get 1-5 likes. I wish I could help them right now. :00


Ikr @PancakePride liek ppl do that ALL the time, and wow. Ppl get a LITTLE annoyed. Or a lot.


I don't feel unnoticed by my friends but by the Hopscotch Team doesn't notice me...


That's kind of what I'm like (well, most of the time I will get about 5 likes on something)


I'd say about %1.5 of ppl know about me.....


Lots more people probably know you, they just don't follow you. (Like me!)


I agree, that's kind of what is like for me.


Before I got Featured, I felt like one of the most unnoticed people on HS. ;-;


You like me on Hopscotch?


That's actually a lot of people if you think about it!


Well I'd say of all the hopscotchers 1.5 is a lot.... 10 is probably literally the level of ppl,who got game changers...


I worked hard on this project for like 7 weeks and it didn't even get 10 plays...


Trust me, you'll get noticed. Just keep working hard, and focus on trying your best. :D

Featured and Trending are big accomplishments, but the important thing is having fun, working hard, and learning while you're doing it.


I don't really know
Do you think I'm unnoticed?

  • Are you kidding me? Your famous!
  • Your my senpai!
  • Hi fren!
  • I herd of you
  • I don't know you
  • Who are you?
  • I never saw any of your posts or my topics


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Idk.... I was speaking to Rex, but who are you on Hopscotch?