The Time When We Suffer

Remember that time, when you tried a good food that you really love for the first time?

Before you ate that delicious homemade cheeseburger full of cooked beef and amazing cheese, the creamy and fluffy vanilla cake topped with sugary icing and vibrant colors of assorted fruit, or warm slice of cheesy pizza topped with hot pepperoni, the smooth sphere of cool ice cream melting on the sugary waffle cone, you didn't know what it tasted like. You had no memory of it.

But what about now? When you're hungry, do you crave food? Did my detail of the foods hunger you? You're thinking about that grilled steak atop wild rice and basil, and you want to feel the sensation of deliciousness again. You like it.


When you want food, most of the time, your parents buy it with their money, or put a plate in front of you for you to enjoy. You get the sensation, your desire is fulfilled when you are full. When you are bored, you may open your phone to play a game. You want that sensation. When you get some fruit, you are looking for that sweet sensation.

But what if your parents don't give you food, all the games were deleted from your phone, and all the fruit you are were sour?

You would have to work by yourself to get food, code games (hopscotch is a great example).

But we are not required to do that, since everything is rested in front of us, for us to enjoy. We don't need to do all those things, because we already have it. Genetically modified fruit, for fruit to be sweeter. Games, for people to feel happy, food and drink for people to replenish themselves.

Think about it.

The world has everything that makes you happy, temporarily.
After you eat that meal,
after you play that game, after you achieve that medal, you are happy.
But after a while, you get hungry again. You want to play a game again. You want to win another medal.

So the lesson?

If I told you, it would be like a plate of food given to you. You wouldn't have to do any work to figure out the lesson. Try to earn the plate of food, try to find the lesson on your own.


I'm hungry now XD


First of all, this was a very well written paragraph.

Second, I get what you're saying, and it's a very valuable lesson. Thanks for writing it

Third, you have a way with describing good food...I'm actually craving that grilled steak right now and the ice cream and the hamburger


same!!!!! have not had breakfast yet


And I've had all 3 meals and I'm hungry XD

but then again, I haven't really had a good meal since I arrived in china



ur at china?

meetoo :D

I'm at china for an trip :P


Im here for vacay :D
I'm leaving in like 3 days tho


cool :DD


Great topic!

I am hungry now




The lesson: *gives Anonymous leader badge again



Anyone else want chocolate now? :joy:


me!!!! i have not had breakfast
im lying my bad i had 5 chocolate pieces


Ok then


When I read this I was eating crackers


That was amazing but now I'm super hungry I think I'm gonna die


You made me hungry.


The meaning of this is far more valuable than a slice of cheesy and warm pizza with a freshly baked aroma, or a blueberry pancake with maple syrup and butter tantalized with fluffy creamy whipped cream, or an ice cream sphere freshly scooped out of a container with that soothing sound placed on a sugary waffle which you can already smell the chilly yet amazing scent.

Way more valuable than crispy fries sprinkled with salt and fried to perfectio-
Ok I'll stop teasing now, but you get the point.



Now stop making me die of hunger XD


The freshly baked lasagna which smells of freshly cut tomato, perfected cheese with a hint of salt and basil, the hot and crispy toast filled with warm and melting cheddar cheese, the cold yet tantalizing sushi which enters your mouth with a variety of tastes comforting and greeting your senses, the freshly cut strawberry and melon placed atop a smooth, creamy and puffy vanilla cake with extremely perfected icing, the grilled stea-