The Three Clans


The Three Clans Collab Account

TTCCA is a huge collab account, with the primary goal of getting trending, featured, and game changers (By using their mad coding skills :D)! TTCCA is looking for really great coders who are great in a certain area of code. ಠ_ಠ are the best at trail art and text art. Smol beans are best at music making and drawing! And chakins are famous for their complicated games! This is a collab account of 12 people (four from each clan!). And the account will be created after the members are chosen! We're looking for the top dogs, the best of the best for this account, so show us all you got!
(PS TBD means to be determined)

The ಠ_ಠ

Join our clan, the ಠ_ಠ. Legend has it, a small Pingy set out one day in search of fame, only to return with the precious text that is ಠ_ಠ. We are most famous for our cool text and trail art! We have four members!

ಠ_ಠ (Up to 4): @Malie

To join, fill out the form below! Only four people will be accepted!

Username on HS:
Why are you a ಠ_ಠ:
Link to text art:
Link to trail art:


The smol bean

Join our clan, the smol bean! We are the music/drawing loving clan. We have the best taste in music, and our clan was founded when a group of smols (Smol bean clan members) woke up next to a magical bean that could paint singing pictures. We have no leader because we are all equal in the art of music and drawing. We feast on beans.

smol beans (Up to 4): @LotsaPizza

You will be accepted by me, and only four will be accepted!

Username on HS:
Why are you a smol beans:
Pic of a hopscotch art:
Link to a music piece:



Join our clan, the Chakins! We were created by randomness (A potatoe unicorn) on the mystical forest, Forumnates Tonates. When you need an awesome game, you look to us, the chakins! We do multiple levels, combo attacks, EPIC BOSS's! We have four members!

Chakins (Up to 4): @treefrogstudios @AwesomeBlossom

To apply for the job, fill out this form, only four will be accepted!

Username on HS:
Why are you a chakin:
Link to your best game:




Username on HS: Sweetlina​:purple_heart:
Why are you a chakin: Because I love chains
Link to your best game:


Omg when making awesome stuff like this, tag me plehz

Thabk you. :D


Okie :D
Want to join???


I am smol bean Tyler's daughter (not really lol)
You know my art style


I don't want to be a chakin XD

I wanna be a smol bean becuase beans-is cool. But it want to do games ;-;


Username on HS: Tree Frog Studios (Insert useless bit of name here)

I'm a good chackin because chackins are majestic. I am ready to be part of their ranks! You see, they are very delicate creatures that can be easily peepified. I would love to be part of the Clan of Chackins! :3:3

If it has to be a literal game, then I have no link to it, but I'll post it later :3


Username on HS: RobotPro

Why are you a chakin: Ur boy is an mlg and even has his own library of memes.

Ur boi is so prangster gangster and used his pro skills to kill all of the evil sickness of libraries.

Link to your best game: umm,


Username on Hopscotch- AwesomeBlossom​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I want to be a chakin because I love coding a lot and games are my specialty
Link to my best game:


We has new bean!

We has new chakins!

Sorry if you weren't chosen ;-; Ypur form was either really vague or I couldn't understand it XD


Once we get full I'll make the account!


I would join, but I'm doing some stuff. It's a great idea!


I really wanna be part of this but I dunno if I'm worthy.
Check out my account, gamergirlofgamers, tell me what I'm best at!
(Well, I do know one thing, I'm a values pro)



I'm honored XD


Thanks!!!!! I'm so happy! Did you play the project? Just curious


Yes I did!

Your welcome guise!


Username on Hopscotch: tankt2016
Why are you a ಠ_ಠ: We are good at text and trail art, so we would probably fit this.
Link to text art:
Link to trail art:


Username on HS: Smartypants!
Why are you a ಠ_ಠ: because I love trail art and I would like to get better at it.
Link to text art: I have no idea what text art is!
Link to trail art:, my Olaf from in summer project,
and, my Summer is here project

Hope I get into the clan because it sounds fun!