The thing about GT names



General topics.
They are controversial. Should we have them? Should we ban them?
But that's not what this topic is about, so please don't get sidetracked about that here.

My opinion on general topic names/titles:

They should include the words _______'s general topic, or something similar to that.
Here's what I mean:
Some acceptable names would be "_____'s GT! Come here to talk about undertale!" Or "I love bananas. _______'s topic of generalness!"
Some unacceptable ones would be: "Life is so unfair. You wouldn't believe what happened in class today!" Or "Puppies are amazing. I got a new one! She's sooooo cute."
The reason I think this is because it's hard to tell if a topic is someone's general or just someone writing something off topic when the title does not include that.
For that, I think that all GTs should have something along the lines of "_____'s general topic" in their title. This is just my opinion, and you can feel free to disagree. I am not trying to put anyone on the spotlight, or direct this topic at anyone. It is just an observation I have made that many hops have been doing, and I find it can be annoying.
Also, @lollypopcorn added in the comments that this rule would really only apply if the GT was not under a "generaltopic" tag. I agree.
Do you agree? Tell me in the replies!


I don't really care at all either way


Doesn't really matter


I agree that it should say it's a general topic unless you add the tag "general_topic" then it doesn't really matter :)


Yeah, that's a good point. Hang on, I'll add that in.


Thanks, and cool ;D


Good point. I did not know about Currency's general topic until today.


I don't really care about titles. They are just labels you can put on and take off at all times.