The text transforms to a rectangle


I think the gif speaks for itself

But if you were doubting, this happens when you restart the project couple times


Huh. This problem has happened before with Hopscotch City.


What the?
Hmmm @CodeHelp


I know!
This happens with me to, with clones to make text brighter.
Get out of the project, and then tap the draft again, it worked for me


That’s so weird… Do you think you could send a link to that project? That way I could offer some tips


This seems to happen due to an error in set text (where it just turns into a hitbox?)


Yeah, I know how to solve it but it just shouldn’t happen…


This has happened several times before. When you create many clones that set their text to something (and/or set size?) they turn into a black rectangle with sharp edges.

@awesomeonion @Rodrigo


This is a bug that should be reported to THT, I think.


Yup no idea why but that’s happened to me a couple of times too.
Restarting usually fixed it but a couple times it didn’t so


Yeah, I’ve seen this glitch before. (If you cant tell, it happened to me) can you upload a draft of it?
That would be super helpful to bug fix, as I think I know how to solve it after chatting with awesomeonion about this when it happened to Hopscotcher Town. @Rodrik834


Odd, this has never happened to me and still doesn’t

Different but similar bug: When I press ONE object out of the 56 in the project, the whole thing lags @awesomeonion @Ana
How are we supposed to make cool projects with larger file sizes if ONE object press lags the whole project? (I may turn this into a topic later) 60->30FPS


Here’s the project


Well, I have no idea. This is not like what happened to me with Hopscotcher town. Gl, but I have no clue.


Huh… it worked fine for me in that project.


Reload lots of times (I know it can be avoided but it should just be fixed)


Here’s the explanation:

The bug you are seeing is a performance issue with Hopscotch.

The way that text works in Hopscotch is that each text object turns into one big image. If you have a really big/long text block that takes up the whole screen you will be using a giant image. This takes a lot of memory. If your device starts to get low on memory, it will start deleting things, such as your image of text, leaving you with a black box where your object used to be. That’s why this is more likely to happen with large blocks of text, lots of clones, and older iPads and iPhones.
If you want to avoid this in your project, I suggest making a few smaller text objects and arranging them, rather than making one huge one.

Note: I think the solution for Hopscotch is to actually do something similar. We’d create a text image for each character/font and then arrange them to move around together as if they were one big object. This would allow us to save a lot of memory because we could just reuse the same image for the letter t, for example, everywhere. This is how your computer actually does fonts, btw. In order for your games to run well, we have to use WebGL which is fast, but does not have access to a lot of the nice features that your operating system builds in for you, such as text.

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Thank you for the explanation! It’s helpful of you to reply so clearly.



Also my theory was correct