The Terraria Topic! (Lol TTT)


Hello! :D
Welcome to le Terraria topic! :D

This is a topic for Terraria projects
and stuff. :D XD

I think that's a good enough explaination. XD

"Terraria is a 2D action-adventure sandbox video game developed by Re-Logic. The game was initially released for Microsoft Windows in May 2011. It was later released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android in 2013, for Windows Phone, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2014, for OS X, Linux, and Nintendo 3DS in 2015, and for Wii U in 2016."
- Wikipedia

For more information, le Wikipedia is here to help:

  • Make projects on a account
  • Just make projects on your own account


Terraria peeps:


Meh love terraria!


First reply! I would get this checked by the topic approval topic!


Yay! :D


Good idea. XD

I guess it's HS related, but... (Shrug)


It's okay! They're making projects (which is hopscotch related). Great topic and creative idea, @Pingu!

Make sure not to share any information about your Terraria account, though. (I don't really know how Terraria works, so that's up to you guys. XD)

^^ There actually aren't accounts. XD


There's no accounts or chatting system lol

Thank you! :D



See, I know nothing about Terraria. XD :stuck_out_tongue:


I know

I'll make a unicorn :000


Lol. XD



I think I'm going to do a guide (NPC) pixel art. :D


But I'll do it later because rn I'm watching sailor moon and that's first priority


And this is already dead. XD


Omg rip topic ;-;

My base doesn't look too bad lol

I really need to start le pixel guide. XD


OMGEE PINGY YOU LEGEND AMAZING TOPIK 99999999999999/0.000000001


I have PC Terraria and it's one of the first PC games I ever played, along with Minecraft and World of Warcraft.
But the sad thing is
Everytime i got really good stuff
I forgot to backup my pc
Then the pc had a breakdown (it always does eventually cause it just cant handle stuff any longer, so i have to update the hardware, etc.) and i had to reset the hard drive ;-;
I used to have post golem stuff ;-;
Then I upgraded to a windows (i think it was 8 cause 10 upgrade kept my files)
Now im pre mechanical bosses ;-; but still in hardmode yey
Took a while to get to hardmode though


Fun fact guise
Workbenches are valid housing materials, better than tables because then you can craft in every room.


Guise i need your suggestions on what terraria pixel art to make
Not NPCS they are boring


I had Terraria for my 3DS.. Until I lost it.. ;-;

I had it only for like 3 weeks, I was so upset when I lost it. TnT


Thicks. :D