The (temporaray, by the way) Writing topic! (ideas, short stories, etc.) TO BE RECYCLED SOON


This is inspired by @Huggingfluffybear's Imagination topic, so most credit goes to her/him!

Here you can ask for help on any stories you are writing, ask for people's opinion on stuff you have written, etcetera!
If a new Imagination topic pops up, I guess this could be considered part of it?
I would put some sort of quote here to make you guys feel excited about writing or something, but then I'd sound very much like you LA teacher.
Either way, let this topic... begin? Grow? shrug


It was 8 AM, winter. The snow glistening on the roofs was enough to make a small child gleeful. As so a robin saw sitting on a leafless tree branch

Is this good


nice vocab by the way :000


Well english is a must for a GCSE

I did a thing

"It's... a box?" The girl wondered, confused as to why her grandmother would give her such a simple thing. "Well, it is pretty."
"Yes, a box!" Her grandmother handed her the box, and the girl admired the decorations. "It's quite an interesting box, actally!" Her granddaughter looked up, intrigued. "This box leads to a land far beyond our own, you see, a land where only dreams can go! And nightmares, of course, can't forget about them," the girl frowned. "But worry not! If you keep this box open during the night, it'll eat the nightmares, and they are to be punished by the good dreams!" The girl seemed to light up at the thought of having no nightmares.
"So, does this mean no more nightmares ever?" The girl opened the box, imagining what said land of dreams would look like. Her grandmother grimaced.
"Not exactly... but it keeps most nightmares from entering your thoughts. Leave it open while you sleep, and the box will work it's magic!"


Thats beautiful
Like really beautiful

New Imagination is cool, so use it here! #2

Ah, thank you so much, Amii! :DDD
It's from the story I'm currently working on, and that's my favorite part so far.


I'm going to...Write some more

For some reason you feel a nip ob your neck. Probably Okua again. Though she's persistant this time...You still feel it...Aand there she goes tugging your hair. Tugging, tugging, tugging...


Okua is the best XD
The tugging of the hair though


Your really and I mean really good at writing


Hehe, thank you! My LA teacher doesn't think so, though ( I currently have a D- in LA )


She turns into a smoll dragon


Nice :000
Also i kinda want to know... how many things can Harvey turn into?


Big drago.
Also big sea monster with tentacles.


Wait what, well then she doesn't recognize great talent, that deserves an A+ because your writing is just amazing


i accidentally typed "COll" at first what


ah thanks.
my school is very high standards, though, i absolutely hate it


I don't know... here's something I wrote out of extreme boredness.

My leather-padded boots stepped gently over the gravel, making my own "carbon footprint" on the universe. They were covered in random tree sticks and mud. How that happened? Well, that's a whole other story. While I walk on this path, I start to realize that the weather is quite nice today. Actually, it's better than nice; it's perfect. The sky is baby blue, and not one cloud is to be seen. Wind blows around the leaves on trees, which have been here almost forever. I remember reading my favorite book under those trees, until the rain came. Then I quickly ran back to my home as fast as I could. You're probably wondering, why are you so far away from your home, alone? Well, I just felt I needed to get away from life, you know, the stress of getting an 89 on your test. Yeah. Frustrating. But my parents didn't worry one bit about me. They knew I would come back; I always do.


when you consider 89% on a test to be really good


This person's personality is similar to mine; I absolutely hate it when I get an 89(I haven't in years thank goodness) because it's so so close to an A..