The team is back again - Hialus Studios


Sorry we havent been on in a long time. We were in the process of delayed orders of new iPads and new apple pencils, yep it was a mess if you were wondering :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but anyways, we are back! We are excited to be producing more awesome games with our team & our new iPads+:apple:Pencils!
We are also excited to hear from other Hopscotch users, seeing what they’ve been doing while we were gone. Everyone has made such amazing creations so far as we have been playing some. We hope to see you soon, and excited to be back with our team, our friends, & the staff. Hello again!




You seem new to Hopscotch and the forum


They joined on February 24


I know but it says they visisted 3 days


Welcome back! I can’t wait to see more awesome projects.


We started on the forum a long time after our profile was made, and we were in the process of getting our new iPads and apple pencils a few days after we joined, so technically we still are new.



Also welcome… to the fourm… sort of


I haven’t seen you on here before. Hello and welcome back!