The team against System (book 2 of my series)



Credit to @Dude73 for the idea!

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Chapter 1
I went on the Hopscotch forum, and found this:

HF, will be over forever

It said on the topic, once I pressed it, I went out.
"How many times does this happen to her?!" Asked NightcoreStudios. "Who cares! Just hope that she is alive!" Said KawaiiRose. "This happend last time?" Asked Mila. Then my eyes opened. "Good! Your alive!" Said SmilingSnowflakes. "What happens this time?" I asked. "Long story short, System took over the forum." Said KoolM123. "What does he have it against it?" I asked. "Here we go, the next KVJ. Said Hermione. "Hopefully this one doesn't have flame wars." Said StarryDream. "Let me check my iPad, Liza might have sent an email." I said.

Chapter 2
"Ya, I got an email, but it looks like System hacked it."

Hello human, hopscotch forum is over forever. Good bye. -System

"Now HF is no longer a website." Said Hermione. "Check HS" said Poptart0219. I checked it, and there was only one project.

"To find the first clue,
Go to the hidden tower on 293719 hacker street.
Defeat me, if you can.

"Great a riddle." Said NightcoreStudios in a sarcastic tone. "Well, lets go!" Said StarryDream.

Chapter 3
We went to 293719 hacker st. We tried to find the tower with our hands out first. "Hey guys! I found it." Said Silverdolphin. Once she touched it, it became visible. We went up to the tower searching for the clue. Once we got up in the attic after about an hour of searching, Hermione found it. It said

"You have found the first clue, but now you must battle KVJ again."

"Wait, KVJ escaped?" Said Mila. "But didn't you put in
locked in the dungeon?" I asked. "Maybe he escaped somehow." Said Sweetlina. "But where would KVJ be?" Asked Poptart0219. "Two places, THT HQ, or the Other Side's tower." I said. "Lets Check THT HQ first." Said SmilingSnowflakes.

Chapter 4
We came to THT HQ, no one was there. There was only one computer that was turned on. It had the Hopscotch logo on it, Hermione pressed the mouse. On the screen was a video of system, the 30ft robot that was scaring everyone. He was squashing houses, making fires, Nobody knew why. System looked like any other average robot. Hew as crushing houses and hitting power lines. Nobody could stop him. Then the was KVJ's on it. "Welcome back, if you didn't know, I'm flinging System" said KVJ. "Duuu!" I said. "It's kinda obvious." Said Sulverdolphin. "Who else would want take over the world." Said Mila. "You will never guess where I am." Said KVJ. "Yet me guess, your either here in the Other Side's tower." Said Sweetlina. "Pst, No" said KVJ then you turned off the screen, and the Hopscotch logo appeared again. "Well, now it's obvious, so let's find him." Said PerfectPanda24.

The Team Against System (Book 2) (take 2)

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