The Super Fun, Extra Fun, Topic Of Cheery Cheer-Me-Up Fun! :-•D


Are you depressed or sad, need some cheering up? Or just want to have fun?
Well, then, you've come to the right place?

There are no rules, except that you have to be positive! No negativity! :-•D

Oh, wait, I already made a topic similar to this…WHATEVER!

Post cheery memes and pictures, add links to fun and cheery Hopscotch projects and games, and write cheery Hopscotch stories!

It's a world of cheeriness!

No inappropriateness, rudeness, unkindness, or negativity!

One more thing:



I leik kindness....
Fnu fun fnu fnu!
Tis os fnu!


Hmmm... I see how this can make people happier, but can this be a bit more related?


Such as HS games/stories maybe @Gilbert189?



This is awesome, and immpressive for someone who was suspended:DD


I don't think that last part of that was necessary. Sounds a little, idk, rude XD

Love the topic tank! Happiness is great :D


You talking to me?

Sorry, I just meant that he's come a long way!

Idk why he was suspended but I've never seen this much positivity from someone who was! :DD


I sorta have a topic like this but okay XD


Oh ok, at first it sounded really passive aggressive :sweat_smile:


Sorry :sweat_smile:



Well, I was just bored.

And when you're bored, you want to have some fun.

So I made this.


Is what I say to your logic

do you remember that @Maltese


Yes, I do remember that. XD


Yey XD

U kno wat dis meenz.....


I need dis

I need Halp wit laif