The Subcribtion is not a Big Deal


The subscription is not as big of a deal as everyone is making it out to be. You don't have to quit hopscotch, you can use it as a free user. You don't lose any features, everything already in the app stays free for free users. The free version will still be updated, just not every feature will go into the free version.

So just chill out. It isn't that big of a problem, and all of you are overreacting.

And if you still are upset with the update, you can't be mad at THT. They are a company and they need to make money to keep making HS.


I agree that people are overreacting, but the thing is that things just won't be the same.


I agree!


The main reason it's a big deal is because 1. it's a subscription and (more importantly) 2. lots of parents won't let kids pay for apps.


I agree! My parents are thinking about getting me the update because they know how much I love hopscotch.


I completely agree!

I think people are way overeacting :0
And some comments would probably hurt THT's feelings ;-;

They are a company. They have families.
They need money for hopscotch to be here at all! It seems like some of you are very ungrateful for THT, and all they have done for us.
Without the amazing @Rodrigo, @liza, @meg, @staff there would be no hopscotch ;-;

Be happy with what you have! Whether you can pay to or not :D

You can still play hopscotch for free anyways! :D


People are starting to overreact. It is not a big deal at all, now that I understand whats happening.... Whats the big deal?!?


Also, I think it's better just to have a one-time fee of maybe $15.
Anyways, yeah, this is a big deal.
I'm pretty sure most famous Hopscotchers would get it


I would get it even if it was 10 dollars a month, even though it comes out of my own allowance.


I agree that people should chill a little… I've seen like 6 topics on the same update and subscription stuff since I was last on :0


Yes, I've ate so much today.
Thanks for reminding me. XD :stuck_out_tongue:


Omg that type tho xD


I agree completely. Some people are thinking of quitting just because it costs money. But there's a free version!


I agree, but it's going to be kind of weird seeing everyone will a pic for there profile, while I have a HOTDOG. makes me feel like a smol nacho. :0


I agree :s
Not to be rude but everyone is squealing their heads off. :laughing:


What feature are money?


I agree that some people are definitely over reacting about this subscription. Why would you need to quit Hopscotch because of a subscription?

But anyways, I understand that some people may feel bad or jealous of other users if they can't have the subscription. Things will definitely be different.


The features include that fact you can add photos into projects and you can customize your profile picture.


@AwesomeNachos remember, hotdogs r AMAZING! :D
It's ok!


agreed D: