The Struggle with Misinterpreting


this is not pinned at anyone, and it's not a bad thing if you have misinterpreted something! I myself am a victim of unclear posts, and people have misinterpreted me many times before!

Le Struggle with Misinterpreting

I think this is one of the biggest causes of flame wars. Misinterpreting what people say. Misinterpret basically means you understand something someone said in a way that didn't mean it. Here's an example:

User1: I find that annoying
User2: So your saying we're annoying???
User1: No, I'm just saying I find that particular thing annoying.

This can lead to big flame wars and is not just one persons fault. It is multiple people's fault.

What to do if you think a post is rude/mean?
Firstly, READ THE POST AGAIN! Make sure that you are sure that that is what they meant, make sure you are not misinterpreting them. Next, politely ask them, "Can you rephrase that? I'm a little confused, and the way you said that offended me a little bit." If someone tells you this, you should not be rude! They are just trying to politely avoid a flame war!

How to stop it before it happens?
Always read your post multiple times to make sure your message is clear and won't be interpreted any other way than the way you intended it to be! If it is misinterpreted, and someone replies to you, ask them what they thought sounded rude, and always go back and rephrase it (Unless the user is unclear about what they thought was rude/mean/offending, the ask). Chances are if one person thought it sounded rude, others do to.

It is NOT your fault if someone misinterpreted something you said!
Its nothing to be upset about! Everyone's brain works in a different way, so if something you didn't think sounded rude sounds rude to someone else, just be polite!

Don't be stubborn and start a flame war! I've seen this happen many times and it's no good!

Anyways.... Hopefully this will help some of you guys and avoid some unnecessary flame wars!


I think the main cause of this happening is that some people or not being descriptive..... or...... whats the word... I have no idea XD. But some people need to be
SPECIFIC! Yes, there it is. Some people need to be more specific in their posts.


Yes!!! Well done @Malie!!

Here's a like ^.^!