The Struggle is Real



Help! Some people can quote things to see hidden messages, I believe by clicking the "Reply As Linked topic", or quoting the whole message, but it's not working for me! Whenever I try, it does this

"Continuing the discussion from I need help! Draw Pad+Music Kit=Kaboom!:"

And doesn't show me any hidden stuff or whatsoever

Could anyone help?



All you have to do is press the little speech bubble on the controls bar in the reply section


So wait. How are you quoting?


What speech bubble?


Sadly, reply as a linked topic no longer quotes stuff..
But, there is a way!
Click the reply button on a person's post, and you'll enter the post editor. On the far left corner you'll see a small speech bubble. Press that, and boom! You can quote!

Hope this helped :wink:.


It's beside the big B


Thanks! Lol


I literally just said that .-. Oh well


I thought you knew how to quote...


I did, but I did it by selecting the text, which was hard because it always glitches


Quote to see hidden message!




I'm gonna change it to something better.


Yes. Thanks! it really helped!


Like this? Lololololol


Haha changed it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Reviving for peops who do not know how to quote. XD