The Strong Feelings Club (FREE TO JOIN AND LOVE!)


Welcome you all!! This is a club you can join to express your strong feelings! We can make a Hopscotch Account and write stories about our days, draw pictures of how we feel, and express ourselves!
Who's with me?! GAAAA


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We get flagged a lot. Almost all of us have been suspended. We all think we are...


Hopscotch is supposed to be about being positive! Not about how much we hate our lives and how they suck! We need to keep Hopscotch positive. How about if we think about ways you could improve your flaws in this topic?

I will undo my flag if you do this! I'm also gonna summon the @staff


..... Maybe we could turn it into a feeling so luv for people who have strong feelings? Alright, let's change the title!


Let's spread POSITIVITY :D
Maybe you can learn from eachother on how to improve! Your all awesome and don't let anyone tell you different :D
Like @Paydent12 said :)


We are gonna help you! Let's think of ways we can make you guys feel happy and wanted!


Can you not flag me a lot? That would make me feel a tidbit better.


I will definely join, IM IN!!! @Veritaserum


I'm definitely in!


Now I think this is great :D
We all make mistakes, we learn, and we can express how we feel! (In a respectful way)


I totally agree with you guys. I would REALLY love to have account were we can actually express how we feel. But on the forum, how about we keep it not intense. On an account it's ok because it won't be published.


Ways we could improve:

(Edit below the line)

  • Read before you post!
  • Keep It Positive!
  • Rember that other people read the forum -@MYD


What is the user and pass? I am really excited!


I have a bad feeling bout this.... If everyone shares there feelings, it might hurt others! Like if you said you hate insert name here, they might feel bad! Kinda what @SabotageWarning just said..... It could hurt feelings :grin:

Spread The Positivity Not Negativity! :D

+++++++Positive +++++++


Can you please not use that word? How about stink? I just don't like that word so much.


Wait stop it you!! No no, be w good boy, be a good boy.


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