The Story Of You And Hopscotch



So, IDK if a topic has already been made about this, (I was too lazy to search for it), but this topic is for people to share their Hopscotch story.

  • What made you choose to install Hopscotch?

  • When did you start and what was your first project?

  • Did you like Hopscotch when you installed it?

  • Have you had any major events in Hopscotch?

So, yeah, you can share anything about you and Hopscotch here!


There is a topik like this, but I'm to lazy to get a link. Besides, I think this one is better.

  1. Who said I installed it?
  2. June, 2014 and (NOT my first project, just the first PUBLISHED one.)
  3. Yes, but I thought abilities should be between projects.
  4. I donut understand., sorry.

  1. School put it on our iPads
  2. September 4, 2016. First project was floating draw?
  3. Yah XD
  4. Four features and 8 trendings



I wanted to get a coding app, so I looked in the App Store. A bunch of reviews for other apps said "Hopscotch is better!" I had no idea what that was, so I looked it up and got it.

I started in January 2015! My first project was Chillanna doing a bunch of random things like growing and drawing spirals. It was called "Wiggling Giant."

I loved it!

I've made some of my best friends, learnt a lot, and discovered a lot about myself on Hopscotch. :D


@Petrichor @MiNi @Dylan329 @treefrogstudios

Guys, you don't have to answer those questions :sweat_smile:

Just share your story and anything else you want to share about you and Hopscotch!


I know. But what if we want to?
random link. WILL YOU CLICK IT!?


Oh ok, well that basically was most of my story.


That's fine then! :joy:

Noice link.


Thanks! I remember making that project.....


My story is not much


I got Hopscotch because @DulcetDesolate told me to.the first project I made by myself was a cookie pixel art but no one noticed it. I have gotten one trending with a whopping 80+ likes!


We'd still liek to hear it!


I made games

That are not popular

Then I started on art

Got 100+ likes

Still do art

Usually 20+ likes


Erm, this is kinda like the first topic I made...

But It doesn't really matter :stuck_out_tongue:


That's still interesting, isn't it! :wink:



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Nah, keep it! It's fine :stuck_out_tongue:


But, cool anyways! Have you ever gone to HS Headquarters?